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RBI annual report

Posted on : 30 Nov 2019

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  • The report, which is released every year, analyses the working and operations of the RBI and suggests measures to improve the economic performance.
  • Release of the new economic capital framework under which RBI will transfer ₹1.76 trillion surplus to the government.
  • Reviving consumption demand and private investment remains the top priority in the current fiscal.
  • RBI, cautioned that a broad-based cyclical downturn is underway in several sectors—manufacturing, trade, hotels, transport, communication and broadcasting, construction, and agriculture.
  • The delayed onset and skewed distribution of the south-west monsoon may pose downside risks to crop production and rural consumption demand.
  • The central bank has forecast India’s GDP to grow at 6.9% for FY20—in the range of 5.8-6.6% during the first half of the year and 7.3-7.5% in the second half.
  • The annual report pointed out that throughout the year, protectionist policy pronouncements and actions dominated the global political arena.
  • Another conduit through which trade wars and other sources of global spillovers impacted India during 2018-19 is the intertwining of the finance and confidence channels.
  • Viable external financing can become an additional consideration for holding adequate precautionary buffers.
  • One of the recommendations of BimalJalan committee report is that the central bank should align its accounting year to the Arpil-March fiscal year for better understanding.

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