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IAS Electrical Engineering Books

We have compiled for you a list of IAS books for Electrical Engineering to help you in your prepration for the IAS and other services under the UPSC. so it helps to know the best reference books for the ias exam.

  1. Modern Central Engineering - Ogata Buy Now

  2. Electrical Technology - Thereja Buy Now

  3. Electrical Power - Gupta Buy Now

  4. Physics of Semiconductor Devices - Sze Buy Now

  5. Automatic Control System - Kuo Buy Now

  6. Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics - Rao Buy Now

  7. Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating System - Jordan & Balmain Buy Now

  8. Integrated Circuits - D. Roy Choudhary Buy Now

  9. Network Analysis - Valkenbury Buy Now

  10. Basic Current Analysis - Murthy Buy Now

  11. Electromagnetic Fields and Waves - Prasad Buy Now

  12. Control Systems Engineering - Nagrath Gopal Buy Now

  13. Semi Conductor - Nandhita Buy Now

  14. Semi Conductor - Nagchoudhary

  15. Principals of Electronics - V.K. Mehta Buy Now

  16. Radio Engineering - G.K. Mithal Buy Now

  17. Circuit Analysis - Gupta Buy Now