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Are we corrupt as a nation? How can the common man stay away from activities that encourage Corruption?..

In a book called ‘What Young India Wants’, the author points out that the majority of the people in our country doesn’t care about corruption issues and still vote based on caste, religion or even dynasty over performance, the looting never stops. Democracy is being substituted by dominance it seems. Many may question that these things look absurd but as the reality speaks about the nation is rich with rural people and they vote in that way only.

Corruption is worse than terrorism because the latter blow up existing infrastructure such as roads, airports and power plants but corruption prevents such infrastructure from being created in the first place. According to the 2018 bribery reports issued by ‘Transparency International’, in India, the state possessing our national capital has secured the first place in the country to have more bribery.

We are all still progressing towards the development at the global standards. When we think and resolve the places where we are lagging, we could achieve that. Everyone say that no nation is void of corruption. Yes. That’s true. The first world countries also indulge in the corruption activities. But the only difference between them and us is that they focus only on rich people and get money from them for doing the lawful activities. They don’t squeeze the lives of the poor by nagging them for the want of money. Moreover, the first world countries have the independent council against corruption not under the control of politicians.

In this moral crisis in modern era scenario, we want to be honest but we don’t want to be the only one honest, for then we will suffer. This paradox prevents a good change. As everybody in the country is running in a race without knowing that the destinations are different, we are urging towards getting things done before the other. This mindset of the people makes to involve in the corruption issues. They pay money to get the things done by the government like special entrance passes in temples. The government employees neglect that there is only free entrance and the service can be claimed only in a first in first out basis.

Another scenario is like the middlemen get more profit from than the farmers in the agricultural marketing, the mid-level government authorities are also skimming more money from the government fund as a scam. For example, many infrastructural schemes are being undertaken in the rural areas but those are not done properly. This may lead to the wrong perception of the ruling government by the people though the mistakes are carried out cleverly by the mid-level officers. There is no proper vigilance to look after these issues.

The common man who doesn’t want to intrude in these activities is forced by the society and other personal influential pressures to be caught. Societal circumstances play a major role. But, now in the form of e-governance, the transparency is being achieved and this is a good welcome. As a common ordinary man, one cannot bring the change but everyone can bring the change as one. In the era overwhelming with social networks, like-minded persons and the government officials who are really against corruption can form a network and uplift the society without corruption. None can believe that this would bring an optimistic change unless it is done. A common man staying away from corruption is of no use; it needed to be fought against.

For the fact is, we still have good people in the country, in the society and even in government departments. It is just that they are being crushed. Let not that happen. We must not stop with raising voices against corruption; must put in action. To the upcoming generation, the word must be known only from the dictionary; not from the outside world.


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