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Are we corrupt as a nation? How can the common man stay away from activities that encourage Corruption?..

So now before starting my essay about the common man and his relationship with corruption let’s talk about something we call a ‘common person' these words indicates the most hard pressed the most desired and the most neglected person in the world .

Now about corruption don’t talk about big things like fodder scam , 2g spectrum I m going to start with our houses where a mother sometimes give a bribe to her child to get her work done the corruption starts from there only as we all know tree grow when it’s root are stronger like this the amount of corruption u see in ur home on daily basis on the reflection u do as ur comfort in society .

I used a word COMFORT and u can also use the word LUXURY the basic words or we can say the roots of corruption in our society . Public only know the concept 'LESS TIME MORE WORK ' idea is good but in our country after having 1.37 billion population u can’t do more work in less time as other 1.37 billion are also want to do that work also .

The basic places where corruption erupts but due to necessity so let’s discuss about those points –

  1. Submitting electricity bill

  2. Booking of gas cylinders

  3. Traffic rules (highly rated )

  4. Driving license

  5. Train ticket

  6. Insurance

  7. Police cases

  8. School admissions

  9. Political party tickets 10-Government jobs

So there are some points I mentioned but these are not the final places where corruption committed by common people ,there are lot of places but these are very highlighted and easily spotted .

Now for the rectification we are slowly developing digital electricity bill payment portal and the rupees for the electricity thieves as a punishment .

Next gas cylinders are also booked on call and online so we can get our eyes on the booking and delivery dates and this is also saving our time and efforts to get gas cylinders as early as possible .

Harsh traffic rules and the amount of punishment is very ferocious for a common people in result most of the person is having all their paper work completed and also wears helmet on daily basis not like occasionally .

The next is driving license , everybody knows that the RTO is like the hub of brokers and corruption as I heard sometimes that without broker u can’t get ur license rc and all vehicle related papers but now the rules are strict u have to pass written and succeeded by a driving test this initiative generates a less corruptive license making and a making a able license holder .

Train tickets people mostly says 'ticket Mt kharido TTE se bat krke Dekh lenge ' like concept but now Indian railway is one step ahead from the people and also so. Called TTE .They establish a network connecting by tablet nobody can sell ur seat if a seat holder is absent then ur rac will get confirmed a clean crystal transparent system .

Now I come to the point where I hated people the most they give donation in admission of their child in schools . And this is not stopping at all in our country this way we r not able to spread knowledge and give seats to the eligible candidate . This is the best part I m seeing in our country today.

As a conclusion I want to say that these are just few places where u can get into the corruption very easily and govt know this thing so to stop this u have self respect and respect for the orders.


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