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Another Blast in Delhi, Who should be blamed

Mahatma Gandhi has said "There is enough in this World for a man's need but not for a man's greed". Greed is not limited to only money it can be of anything; for fame, for dominance, for religion and when greed takes over it takes away the ability of a man to think.

It seems we Indians have become habituated to the bomb blasts. These blasts are happening the way festivals take place in our country. The recent one at Delhi, in front of High court has embarked a big question on law and order of the country. Whenever there is a blast, we call our dear ones, ensure their safety, feel bad for the dead ones and their family and resume our daily lives. Nature has always taught us to move on but it seems time has come for us to stop and think. Till when are we going to suffer like this? We rely on Govt. for our safety. But what is Govt.? Govt. is "by the people, to the people and for the people" . and the people is WE. So blaming Govt. is blaming ourselves only. It is not that we should leave our work; take a gun and start guarding our homes. No doubt it is the duty of the system , but who will run the system that we can definitely decide by our voting power.

The easiest thing to do is criticise. We all want the system to change but no one is willing to come forward and take responsibility. These anti social elements, they do not deserve to be called humans, enter our country because somewhere we are at fault. Somewhere we are falling prey to their greedy plans. If we all raise our hands to fight how will they enter?? Its a shame for crores of Indians that few anti social elements enter our country, kill our countrymen and roam free. Is this acceptable?? We as a common man need to take some solid steps toward this as our government is failing to do so. If we do not act now these things will keep happening and we will leave this world with a shame that what a place we are leaving behind for our generations to live!! Not everyone can join police force but we can definitely be alert at our personal levels. We can be cautious around, we can raise the alarm whenever we sense some unusual activity. We have to keep our senses active. Govt too is responsible for safety of people and if they are failing than there is definitely a crack in working system of the Govt. We all want Govt. to change its attitude rather we want the Govt. officials to change. But wanting won't lead us anywhere. Changing the whole system is not a overnight process. To change a system we need to change ourselves, enter the system and be a part of it.

It seems we all have forgotten our family. We come from families of brave people like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, M.K. Gandhi and the list goes on. Its time for the common man to wake up from his sleep, think and act. Common man is the foundation of any nation. If the foundation is strong definitely the system will be strong and than will evolve a strong nation. A nation ours martyrs had dreamt of. Its time for us to rise.

- Sonali Kolte