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G7 Summit 2015, India's Role

India is the part of the Asia and fastest growing country in the world and it's playing very important role in the economy of many worlds. That's why many organization of many countries participate in this conference meeting to discuss the economy status, relative problems, globally issue and G7 is the one of them summit.
The G7 summit recently held in the Germany on 07 and 08 June 2015. The mean of G7 summit is the group of seven countries. The name of these country Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United kingdom, United state and European union. The Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited the heads of states government in the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau in Germany. This was 41st G7 summit held in schloss Elmau in Germany. The G7 organization also invitees some guest countries like Ethiopia, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and also invited international Institutions like African Union, International Monetary Fund, United nation and World Bank.
The key points for the summit.
The G7 summit 2015 in schloss elmau will focus on the global economy and as well as key issues regarding foreign security and development policy.

  • Protection of the marine environment marine governance and resource efficiency.
  • Poverty related diseases, antibiotic resistance and Ebola.
  • Empowering self employed women and women in vocational training.

The leader of G7 countries will also discuss energy security.
The G7 countries have a special responsibility our planet future. The G7 must work towards establishing peace and security and ensuring people can live a self - determined life. Freedom and human right, Democracy and the rule of low. Prosperity and sustainable development are core principles agreed by the G7.
Foreign and security policy is extremely important given the numerous. In 2015 G7 the foreign minister included in their final communique a considerable amount of international crises and common challenges. Currently facing- Special attention of climate and security, Taking action on climate and fragility Risks.
The G7 countries are key actors in international economic relation and as such carry great responsibility for creating reliable, sustainable and viable global economic conditions. If those countries are agreed on basic issues around economic development, cross border trade and effective prudent financial Market. That's why G7 will continue to work towards establishing an enabling environment that is stable in the long term in order to promote dynamic economic growth and well functioning labour market.
The dialogue with civil society is the special key of G7 summit. The leader of the G7 intend to support African nations in their reform efforts and thus to lay the foundations for peace and security, growth and sustainable development on the African continent. Together with them they will engage in a wide- ranging dialogue on Africa and global policy issue.
The role of India in G7 summit 2015.
India is planning to raise the issue on terrorism in the G7 conference. India try to point daud ibrahim, hafiz saeed and lakhvi and also sought to Pakistan to close and seize these terrorists' accounts.
Terrorism is the most important issue in the G7 meeting. Indian also requested to united nation to seize property and account to this terrorists and terrorist organization. India would also complaint of Pakistan behaviour against of dim response action on zakir-ur-raman and hafiz saeed in G7 summit of attack responsible 26/11. India also put these points in front of United Nation in G7 summit.

Sanyog Varshney