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Government alone will benifit from the GST or traders and consumers also- Discuss.

Goods and sales tax is commodity pricing technique.Industrial circles are a market phenomenon. Today's market dominion will be monopoly tomorrow. Commodity pricing ends in Integration of markets.Price rise is neutralized in the demonetization .For the first time in world , demonetization showed success.Our tax systemhas many slabs,that the middle class sustain to aspirationallevelDigital world & machine intelligence causes fearor phobia. India today hails the MNC business. The behavior of markets integrates MNC with the pricerise and GST.Our economy in a nutshell, is weak to advantages of the reforms. In a bird's eye view, GST is newer reforms.In record, GST is profit-motivated.

The acceptance of GST is an opportunity. No ISMs or philosophies causes reforms to continue the trends and makes people to unite with states.Autonomy in the fiscal scenes is the GST policy .Today newspapers are dictionaries .Newspapers are heralds of history. If the value of our assets increases, GST is the only solution. Old is gold. Urbanization and the GST make people rich.Poverty is reduced in India and the incidences are recorded.GST is a giant leap forward. People forget their own problems if the assets are maximum.

Improvements in our education system are cut-throat. The next -generation of Gandhism is Swadeshi-global.One India , make in India ,save the world makes india to the output level. In cities there are hubs. The middle men and average Indians are a great strength to the world. In world population, they decide the business models.GST means Go safe tax. New generation gems arise from India due to GST and price rise. GST can solve many problems.

Religion & the rise of capitalism solve and adjust with lifestyle.

Market changes our lifestyle.

Insurance is under the population pressures.

GST & Insurance are related in the stoxx.

Urban markets are assets related.

Assets multiply with the planning of taxes.

Urban living Index (ULI ) is unit -linked.

Growth models are derived from GST.

Mini supermarkets are the avenues of GST.Big businesses are integrated under GST.The ease of doing business (EDB) needs banking support.Open markets are strengths to the marginalized world. In the small supermarkets business is accountable.Our GNP may be increased due to GST. The incidence of GST on the Builders market is journal-wise studied.

Many discussions are taken place in the panorama of GST.The administrative autonomy reflects the policy framework to on -the -tax. The GST benefit are many and everyday each one. GST is a legal encounter to the accountants and taxperpetrators for the tax filing. Private firms are a venture and capital centers.The commercial capital of states needs more tax reforms and tax officers.Tax increases the insurances incidences.Due to tax problems Insurance advisors multiplies in number and in coverage's.

Our entire policy framework needs public support and PPP models.The PPP models can be extended to PPPP models .That means Public -Private-Proprietary-partnership -models. In end we extend our policy to the world and global level.

-Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil