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IPL Controversy - Mixing Politics with Sports

Sports act as a social bridge between people of different nations, different backgrounds, but using sport to keep two societies apart, to avenge our own envy and grudges could lead a question over its further existence and yield sports without its natural instincts.

Mixing politics and sport together have always yielded cipher and always will but knowing the fact if we choose such actions then it is unfortunate for whole sports fraternity. It is not for the first time when sport is facing a political obstacle we have seen it before, either it was Iran-Israel conflict or ban over South Africa, it has always affected sports and never came out as a solution for any cause.

In context of IPL we find that it has had several interference with politics either it was Bala Sahab Thakre's stand which prohibited Pakistani players from playing in IPL, or Tamil conflict which had assured relocation of all the matches that were to be held in Chennai, none of them turned out to be any good for anyone.

Tamil massacre in Sri Lanka is indeed a disgraceful act, but this is also true that banning Sri Lankan players in Chennai would not lend any solution for that. Preventing Sri Lankan players from playing in Chennai because of wrath with Sri Lankan government is replica of Tamil massacre as even there were innocent people killed because of few culprits, and revenge has never come as solution to any dispute.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jaylalitha's stand to keep Sri Lankan players out of Tamil Nadu may sound legitimate to a few as if one thinks about current situations of Tamils in Sri Lanka, but in context of sports it could be termed as chauvinism which could have a longer effect on neutrality of sports.

Using sports as a platform to support political envy and disputes is unfortunate for sports and is a blow over its essence. Chauvinism and discrimination are never supposed to be in purview of sports, whereas the current IPL controversy has introduced these two facets very effectively in sport's domain. It has not only raised a question over continuation of unbiased cricket in India but over the willingness of governments and IPL officials towards it as well.

Bowing down the political pressure every time makes IPL official's role ambiguous over their willingness to continue sport without any partiality. Extending this view we find that central government has also been oblivious to this whether it was few years back in hockey or in state level cricket boards, they have always been aside on this matter whenever sports needed a support from them for its existence in a fair way.

Demise of hockey in India is exemplary in this case. Not long time ago India was on top of the game but after its interference with politics it has never seen an uphill. It has gone worst and worst only, and grounds behind this is because politics in sports comes with wrath in administration, racism(most effective aspect of politics),perverts and various other facets which eventually turns out to be destructive for essence of sports.

Explosion at Boston marathon has showed us another eventuality of amalgamation of politics and sports, It has yielded terrorism in domain of sports as another ingredient which is unfortunate not only for future of sports but for whole society as well. Terrorism in sports has been seen before but Boston bombings were latest reminder to us for where we are taking sports mixing it with politics.

Nevertheless, it is indeed a fact that each notion has pros and cons but when cons lead pro's side with a notable lead there is certainly something to worry about.