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India Recent Test Failure Vs England.

Talking about cricket in India is like talking about religion and the cricketers are like divine souls for every Indian. Our emotion, passion was so intensely associated with this great game of cricket. We almost played with those eleven players who are playing on the ground. Every single time we also involved with our closed ones in making strategies to counter the opposition on ground, we almost had our pads-on that at any point of time we get a call to play for India, we also involved in choosing best eleven and almost all aspect of this great game of cricket. And when this kind of involvement were there and when the outcome was not according to the expectation then we really felt cheated or in other words we felt so disheartened, so dejected, and similarly this time too we all feel so helpless after recent outcome these days and the shameless result against England.

India's test failure started way back on the English soil against the same English team, when England thrashed the Indian cricket team by 4-0 in their home series, thereafter Aussies also did same when everyone is busy in gossiping around that Indian team were favorite this time and they were easily beat Australia this time but that great game of cricket has proven everyone's prediction wrong and faulty. Aussies too white washed the Indian cricket team in the test series very easily.

They returned back to India after eight consecutive loss on foreign soil and then the great IPL-5(INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE) started and everyone were then forgot the test losses and again busy in tailoring their pocket size to grab more money. the attitude of all Indian players are like that forget about past, forget about the boring test cricket it's time to enjoy the great festival of IPL and the T-20 fashion is in and the cool captain is leading from the front in this too. he sudden take rest and ignore ODI series just to be fit and ready to play the IPL matches. That tells the story already about the commitment of Indian cricketers towards test cricket. There are players one time who said that they want to prove themselves in test format and then show their mettle in other games. The greats of like saurav ganguly, sachin tendulkar and Rahul dravid debut their career from test cricket and because of that sheer talent and ability they enjoyed the other formats of this game. but these days the story is reversed, now the player are from IPL breed, they started their career from 20overs game and one fine day when they hit some shots they came into the focus and the poor managers are busy in circulated the Indian cap to anybody.

The Test failure of Indian cricket was just because that the stalwarts like Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly hung up their boots and the like of sachin, sehwag are on their last leg and struggled due to bad form, but what about these T-20 generation.? This new generation doesn't have the stamina to play gently throughout the day on any kind of soil on any ground across the world. They are twenty over cricketers and that don't want to play or prove themselves in Ranji matches first and then boring test cricket. They are not meant for test cricket and that's the sole reason to go failed in test cricket. Indian cricket always dominated the world cricket through their batting but recent downfall in batting department creates panic in Indian cricket. It seems like that India doesn't have the bench strength to fill up the vacuum created after the retirement of stalwarts. The current breed of cricketers did not have enough potential or enough mettle to play and survive for the whole day. The condition is so worse that even the secondary level bowlers like Monty panesar had bowled out the entire star-cast in few hours. This is by far the saddest phase of Indian test cricket.

Even after 65 years of independence, India is ranked to be the 94th most corrupt country. Younger as free nations like Nepal and Bangladesh, have been successful in wiping out the demon effectively. Not just words but anti-corruption workshops are organized there and people are persuaded to develop together by forbearing the raising of greed. From former P.M., Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s “Garibi Hatao” to present day campaigns of “Bhrashtachar Mitao”, the most common whetstone to grind political axes has been corruption and its ill effects. Be in the form of bribes, extortions or promises of favor; corruption has always ate into the vitals of society. Anti-corruption actions have produced a mountain of words and hardly, a molehill of solid results. It is now high time for introspecting and unveiling mighty swords to bear down corruption.

If India really wants to do well in test cricket in future, then the time has arrived to take harsh steps to rescue the test cricket. Fresh leadership and Fresh idea is the uttermost required thing, also the think tank of Indian cricket have to segregate the test players, ODI players and T-20 players separately. And the test players must have to compensate for not playing in IPL and to play for the pride of the country. That the only way to get survive in the test cricket and who knows we might found another stalwarts like sachin, dravid, ganguly, laxman in this search of new bench blood and one fine day we again topped the test ranking.