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Rise of Religious Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Soon after the heinous attack in New zeeland Mosque, another dreadful act took place in churches and hotels of Sri Lanka on 21st april 2019. This all was preplanned brutal aims. Sri Lanka attack was not a mere terrorist attack rather a dreadful warning to all other countries for the next attack to take place in the name of religion, no matter religion teaches this or not. They only think of killing innocent in the name of God that lead them to land in heaven but unfortunately they are doing exactly opposite that surely will lead them land in hell. Now a days religious issues has become an irresistible topic for each and every country to think upon and why not ?

Reason of Multipying Terrorist Members:

Starting from ALQUAIDA leader LADEN to ISIS leader ABU AL BAGHDADI , all spreaded their mass in the name of God especially in the name of Muslim religion. In this whole adventure of these terrorism union somehow there lies an internal support to create an internal global disturbances .It is always said that terrorism has no religion but the way these terrorist groups are marching ahead in the name of religion creates an hatredness in the society having diverse religious groups. The member being brainwashed or being blamed for any terror attacks just because the name of his/her religion arises, couldn’t confined and restrict himself/herself take the 3rd road lead to the terrorism . Again after some months or years they come as a suicidal bomb and attack the opposite religious places in the name of own religion.

Early Warning to Sri Lanka:

In case of Sri Lanka, many youngsters joined ISIS group, even though once a ISIS flag was also waved in some place of Sri Lanka. But that time the Sri Lanka government didn’t take it a serious issue where as it was dreadful warning to them that was going to take place some years after, and eventually that happened.

Steps to Be Taken Early Hand but They Took Now :

After this terror attacks on Easter Sunday at 3 different churches and luxury hotels, the government now realize the warning that has already given a year ago . Sri Lanka govt. has ordered for the evacuation of large number of Muslim saints who were still residing there even their visa has got expired. Along with the Muslim saints some foreigners residing there also told to vacate the country as soon as possible.

Map to Eradicate Religious Terrorism :

To what extent will this work right now for Srilanka? Will they be able to prevent the next attack if ever to happen ? Actually quite impossible to say right now. As the terror attacks in the name of religious has grown to that extent that it could be stopped only if the whole world fight against these groups. The Muslim country also have to take part in eradicating the whole groups from their roots. Actually even though they knew it very well that this act is a heinous crime but still they never ever tried to go against them. IT IS JUST LIKE SUPPORTING YOUR CHILD DOING CRIME PREVENTING HIM FROM BEING PUNISHED, AND A DAY COMES WHEN U ARE ALSO PUNISHED BECAUSE OF NOT SUPPORTING HIM.

- Sayed Nishat Tanaum