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Will the University Grants Commission's decision to approve graduate and diploma programme online impact regular courses? - Comment

The college academics can be extended by Inclusion of social media like facebook and twitter at the syllabus. The similar way Information Technology & Bio-Technology inclusive into the school curriculam. Inclusive Government is attainable only by the social media. Education is expenditure -wise studied. Macroeconomics means reforms. By sanctioning autonomous colleges ,papers are mandatory. UGC's decision impact regular courses.The crossroads of urbanism , meets townships.

If education is accessed online , the following parameters are already known.

  1. Through rising the productive investment on education , outlay on IT & next generation increases.
  2. India is now a middle -income nation. More crossroads are needed. GDP is also increased.
  3. All students are not admitted to the colleges. A computer centre is only needed.
  4. Leadership is new -generational. Resources have an identity in the contemporary world. Lopsided developments are a hazard in developments.Social exclusion and Inclusion are a Department of the Government.

Government is a funding agency in supplying human capital. Computer studies , whether advanced studies or the Analytics inherit no problem. Most of the MBBS students in the Vellore Medical colleges studies compute inb the nearby centres. Based on merrit and background all candidates are not inclusive in the academic community. Luck and fortunes are a rare factor in the Globalised world.

Value education and the masters are collapsed schemes . The value of the online courses are a streamline in the India and the world.Job market has value , if the leaders are underemployed. Due to the high family status, some pupils opt online courses. For Technical graduates ,online courses are competitive due to stock exchanges. Due to risk and behavioural problems , Technical graduates like stock exchange education. The Analytics education needs online education to fill the Generation Gap. The Technology sector is a soft power in insurance.Educational problems are exaggerated today & opportunity tomorrow. In a smart card tomorrow has identity.Education is a not a commodity sold in the market . Only education is made free.

Online are courses prone . They are socially acceptable,. Because:-

  • Social leaderships-Mentors & Gurus.
  • Harness the true potential of the Indian Youth.
  • India Integrates world with the India.
  • Elocution competition topics changes.-Ethics.

Online courses impact the regular programmes. 3R is vital here.Restructuring, Restoring , Regulating the education is mentioned here.UGC decision is a landmark in the Indian youth aspirations. The world realized the potential of the Indian sectors like the Army. Education ,whether a myth or reality is mentioned in the future .UGC has a non-plan expenditure. Over-utilisation of the syllabus ,ia an ease to do business.

Entrepruership is an area , where new new universities can be evolved. Non-plan expenditure is like army. Education is underestimated and morally corrupted in the society. A slogan "change" will be "turnover" tomorrow. Some people are lucky to hear the word "tomorrow" atleast from the sweepers in the university.Anyway UGC can be extended and renamed as "Colleges grants commission"(CGC). The value of the MBA is reduced , if the online stuff is universal and poor in content.

-Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil