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US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal - Comment

The game of politics is a very diacy one as it requires a keen observation, smart moves, rational thinking and most importantly intelligent guessing that helps one to be powerful in the world of politics.

International affairs over the past years have gained momentum and has come as an interesting affair. The quite often talked relations are those of India- China, India-USA, India-Indonesia, India-Pakistan, China-Japan, USA-North Korea, USA- Iran and many more but the particular relation that is often being talked about is the USA-Iran relations over the Iran Nuclear deal where USA'S sudden withdrawl from the deal has left everyone surprised.

Mr Donald Trump is famous for giving surprises which is quite evident from his foreign policies and national affairs which are quite indifferent to those present during the times of Mr Barack Obama, but his statement on Nuclear Deal has left everyone awestruck.

The big question that arises here is what is this nuclear deal all about? Well the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action informally known as the "Iran Nuclear Deal" is a multilateral nuclear deal signed between Iran and five permanent members of United Nations Security Council- US, China, France, Russia, UK plus Germany and European Union in Vienna in July 2015. This deal stands as a culmination of 13 years of diplomacy and was a major step to ensure that Iran's Nuclear programme does not divert the military purposes.

The presentation of such a deal came as a boon to the entire world when the developed nations like North Korea resorted to nuclear weapons to ensure security worldwide leading to havoc and stress globally. This deal assumed greater significance in the wars and chaos in West Asia and most importantly this deal came out as an excellent example of the capacity of world powers to come at one platform and sort out complex issues diplomatically.

Now to such a lucrative deal Mr Trump believed to be a worst agreement in the American History as the deal did not live up to the spirit of agreement. Mr Trump believed the Iranian regime to be involved in terrorism and responsible for civil wars in Yemen and Syria but his statements were not well perceived by his counterparts specially China and EU. The reason being that both these nations are in watch of their strategic benefits. While Iran has much of its business relations with EU on the same page Iran is critically important for China's OBOR project. Thus Trump's view on this deal have a balanced view by all the members of the deal making the situation a diabolical one.

Trump might keep his nation at the forefront which is natural for the President of any nation but his statements are likely to have serious implications on the American Diplomacy. His undermining the Iran Nuclear Deal will in general undermine the global non proliferation regime and international institutions. Such ratifying decisions might force nations worldwide to give a second thought on their relations with USA. If such abrupt decisions continue to be a part of the American diplomatic strategies then within no time America will be left all alone and situations will turn critical in the Korean Peninsula.

Trump's view on Iran deal will not only affect Iran but will primarily being all the other nations in its clutches and India is no exemption to it. India enjoys a very cordial relation with USA but the past years show that India Iran relations have taken a downward growth. Iran is one of the major suppliers of oil to India but its relationship with USA have forced Iran to stop the allotment of gas fields. On the other hand if US imposes more sanctions on Iran then the Chabhar port shall become its prime victim which is definitely not good for India. Thus the trio should come ahead and devise strategic ways to meet their needs without resenting to conflicts.

Being confident is good but being over confident can at times land people in deep graves. America can be a prime victim to this situation if Mr Trump does not do a revision of his basic foreign policies and come up with rational politics and not an irrational one. If Us is serious about non proliferation then it should use the Iran deal to resolve other complex international conflicts because statements made at an event comes with a serious aftermath if not taken care of at the right time. Thus I believe keeping in mind the security of the nation it is necessary that people maintain peace at global level and resolve conflicts happily to make the world a better place to live in.

-Satarupa Mukherjee