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A Good Life Is One Inspired by Love and Guided by Knowledge

Soon after the heinous attack in New zeeland Mosque, another dreadful act took place in churches and hotels of Sri Lanka on 21st april 2019. This all was preplanned brutal aims. Sri Lanka attack was not a mere terrorist attack rather a dreadful warning to all other countries for the next attack to take place in the name of religion, no matter religion teaches this or not. They only think of killing innocent in the name of God that lead them to land in heaven but unfortunately they are doing exactly opposite that surely will lead them land in hell. Now a days religious issues has become an irresistible topic for each and every country to think upon and why not ?

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The missile man of India Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who was the brain behind many destructive missiles, quoted a verse of a famous tamil poem in European union which says “I am a world citizen and every human beings are my own kith & kin”. This shows that he was a living example for the quote “A good life is one inspired by love & guided by knowledge”. Even if he loved all human beings in the world, he didn’t step back from his duty of making destructive missiles to protect our nation. Neither love without knowledge, or knowledge without love can produce a good life. Love can be interpreted in many different ways. But the emotion with humanity which makes the person selfless for the wellbeing of his loved ones is the true love and the inborn nature of human beings. But love without knowledge can be a threat to everyone. Many terrorist attacks and mob lynching’s which our society has witnessed is a proof for this. Many people who are mislead by different ideologies without any knowledge has become a threat to the society. Their so called love for those ideologies is the reason for many inhuman attacks we have seen. Their lack of knowledge is the main reason for all these. On the other side a lot of crimes take place using technologies and science. This shows us the face of knowledge without love.

India has always been an example to the world by the way we live. India has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. When we use our knowledge to launch satellites on mars and moon, we also care for our neighbouring countries Bhutan, Afghanistan, srilanka etc,. for their well being and help them in all possible ways for their development. A balance of love and knowledge is what takes our country forward. An undeniable fact is that there are a lot of inhuman crimes happening in our nation where love without knowledge or knowledge without love has played major roles. But at the same time we witness selfless sacrifices of people like Mr.Anand, a great mathematician whose love for the teaching profession and knowledge has created wonders in the lives of many people by his program ‘‘super 30’’. Many unsung heroes like him live in every part of our country who use their knowledge for the wellbeing of others. People like them always remind us that our true nature and culture is a balance of love and knowledge.

Only the people who are inspired by love and guided by knowledge can be good leaders in the society. Mahatma Gandhi is an example for a real leader who was inspired by love and guided by knowledge. He taught the world the power of non-violence, love and knowledge. Whenever there is an imbalance of love and knowledge in leaders, that will lead to the destruction of others or the people who follow them. Many terrorist attacks in different parts of the world in the name of religions are examples for this. All religions teach its followers to love and be kind to the fellow beings, but people who don’t have real knowledge about their own religions become a threat to the world. They not only destroy other people, but also lead to the defamation and destruction of their own ideologies. The Newzealand mosque attack, srilankan church attack, pulwama terror attack on CRPF jawans or the Bilkis Bano case, all were done in the name of different religions and ideologies but all these have the same face, a real imbalance of knowledge and love of their ideologies.

Confucius once said “real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”. It is when we realize the extend of our ignorance and move towards knowledge, the love will find meaning in our lives.

- Krupan P M

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