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Are you in favour or against more nuclear plants to generate energy in India

Nuclear energy as we all know is the most efficient and powerful source of energy. Even the energy which we receive to support life system on earth from the sun is due to the nuclear process going on the surface of the sun. Nuclear energy is not only used for producing energy for households and industrial purposes but is also used for military purposes. Looking on the present scenario we can say that our earth is sitting on the verge of explosion of nuclear bomb because most of the developed and developing nations have nuclear bombs. But every coin has two faces, nuclear energy also have two faces. Nuclear energy is the need of time because many of our renewable resources are on the verge of extinction such as Coal, Petroleum and Woods. Nuclear energy can be a good replacement for these resources.

Today country like India is also in the race of becoming the nuclear power. India also have many nuclear power plants used for the generation of electricity for household and industries. There are 7 nuclear power plants in India which take care of the energy requirements of the country. They produce around 6,780 MW of energy which is even less for the country like India which is having the second largest population in the world. India also have uranium mine in Jadugoda in Jharkhand. But this is not sufficient for fulfilling the needs of these 7 nuclear power plants. India has to depend on another country like Australia for enriched uranium. India also has signed nuclear deal with US which will help India increase its nuclear power capacity. But there seems a requirement of more nuclear power stations to look after the needs of energy requirements of increasing population. The states which don't have nuclear power plants had to depend on the states having nuclear power plants. Even today half our population living in villages are suffering from the scarcity of electricity. They live in darkness which keep them away from the rest of the world and hence restricting their development. They had to depend on the solar energy to fulfill their needs. By increasing the number of nuclear power stations and settling them in the states which have more energy requirement can bring light to their lives. This will definitely increase the pace of development of our country. With the increase in the population, machines and the vehicles, the energy resources are exhausting with the faster rate. This also compels us to look after an alternative resource. Farming as we all know is the primary occupation in India and it mostly depends on monsoon. Sometimes there is less monsoon sometimes high, sometimes there is drought sometimes flood. If fields are not irrigated on time this may lead to crop failure and farmers have to bear losses and then the prices of essential commodities goes high and hence increasing the inflation. To reduce inflation and increase productivity electricity should reach farmers and fields should be irrigated on time. All these things can happen only when we have proper planning of producing energy on time and none other than nuclear power plants can fulfill this requirement. Government of India should not bother of the neighbours nuclear bombs rather it should act intelligently and think of setting more nuclear power plants rather producing nuclear bombs. This will help country in long run. More research activities should be performed for setting up nuclear power plants in rural areas safely and reducing dependencies on renewable resources like coal and petroleum. Besides setting up the nuclear power plants there is major concern over its safe operation. Because there are many incidents from past which has led to devastating consequences due to careless operation of these nuclear power plants. The leakage in the nuclear reactors lead to harmful radiations and thus affecting the human lives. It is very difficult to control these radiations. They affect the crops as well.

So, at last the conclusion is that India being the second most populous country in the world needs more energy to fulfill its needs which cannot be fulfilled by the the natural resources like coal and petroleum. Nuclear energy in today's world is the most efficient source of energy and India being one of the nuclear power in the world needs to set up nuclear power plants to meet its energy requirements in order to become a developed country and being called as one of the most prosperous countries to live.

- Aditya kumar rai

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