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Are we becoming less human and more robotic?

Robotics means automation of work. Machine can be easily defined as anything which reduces human effort, saves time, makes work easier, etc. Development of a Man from Stone Age is marked by invention or development of machine. At Stone Age man developed the use of stone, Mesolithic was marked by domesticating of animal, Neolithic by production of food, and gradually the other phases of human life cycle. The process was gradual from Stone Age to present age, need or necessity being a very strong catalyst or factor. Robotics can be said to be a recent word but the idea of robots started with the invention of wheel. Invention of wheel is a very important invention man by the human brain opening the doors in the field Machine alias robots. These inventions of machines have made life easier, simpler and this world a small place to dwell.

Some of the invention which made a significant impact on human life are, Invention of wheel which made locomotion, transportation so fast, swift and easy. Invention of watch made it easy to calculate and keep track of time in this fast moving world. Invention of telephone by great scientist Graham Bell made this world a small place, where any individual can communicate with anyone anywhere in this world. Invention of printing press, Development of calculator which gradually led to invention of computers are the invention which were assumed to be of no use but have gained such a importance today that, present day without them will come to stand still.

Certainly human life has been altered and life without these machine or robot will be a nightmare. But at the same time these machines and robots have adverse on human life as well as the other living elements on this earth. But the reason behind all these inventions is the human brain, emotions feelings like hunger, pain, greed, satisfaction, fame and many more. Man has surely invented these machines but they are not able to give life to these machines. They work totally under the supervision of a human brain. At any point of time the execution or routine of these machines can be controlled, manipulated and intervened by humans.

Humans are not able to transmit these human qualities to machine and hence a machine cannot work on its own. Even after development of a concept of artificial intelligence the random thinking cannot be imparted to machine. It will be always restricted by rules or semantics. After every possible permutation and combination all the cases can never be predicted in advance to program or hardcode them. Hence every robot is controlled and manipulated by human brain at least till the time machine can think for itself.


Rohan Patil