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Was the government crackdown on Baba Ramdev and his followers justified ?

India has witnessed many protest since ages whether that of Gandhi's dandi march or a struggle to free India from British.The same scenario is seen nowadays,the difference being only that that it is not the struggle to free India from British but freeing the India from a devil even more powerful than British-CORRUPTION.The protest began when Anna Hazare started fight against corruption at Jantar Mantar.The campaign got encouragement from all over the world and from every section of the society.May be people who supported Anna Hazare was not aware who Anna Hazare was,but they know his motto clearly.They joined him in the search of a India that is free from corruption.

Soon after this compaign another fight was started by Baba Ramdev,the yoga guru and one more issue was added beside corruption,the issue of black money.He demanded that the black money that is deposited in other countries should be brought back to India.It can help in the development of India and its people.He choosed Rajghat for his fight against the issues.From every state crowd emerged in large number to support him.

Large number of people joined the campaign,but there support was only short lived.On june 5,when the followers were sleeping after the long day protest,delhi police just bursted on them with lathis and tear gas. Innocent people was beaten mercilessly.Women and children were also not spared .A woman named Raj Bala,who was also the part of the protest was so seriously injured that even the doctors cannot gurantee that she will ever recover from her plight and even if recovered will she be able to live a normal physical life. What was her fault? Only that that she supported a right cause,a right motive.

Large number of followers was injured but delhi police not even admitted their fault,they clearly denied of lathi charge on people and even said that the crowd pelted stones on them and to stop them they used tear gas.They justified their crackdown on people by saying that Baba Ramdev had only permission of yoga shivir at rajghat and not of protest against corruption and black money.They also accused Baba Ramdev of giving a provocative speech to his followers against government.

But can anyone ask them is this the way to deal with people?if they were having some issues with Baba Ramdev,there were many solutions to deal with him.What was the need of beating innocent people mercilessly at midnight.In our country where leaders like Gandhi fought with great courage with his policy of Ahimsa,whether it seems justified?

The action of delhi police is condemnable and is the murder of democracy.Stringent actions should be taken by supreme court so that if in the future someone raises his voice against the right cause,his voice is not lowered or even muted by the police or the government.These protest is the need of the hour,if they did not take place,the people like Kapil Sibbal and Digvijay Singh will eat up the country.These people don't themselves do right things and even if someone tries so,they have to face their critic remarks.

But then what,people like anna hazare and Baba Ramdev will continue their protest against evils in the society even if they have to bear bullets on their chest.One Anna Hazare will die,another will emerge,but this will continue.Lets see till how much time people like Kapil Sibbal can stop them or delhi police can lathi charge on them.One day this all will stop and our dream of a neat and clean India will surely get fulfilled.