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Communalism and Terrorism are interlinked, challenges in controlling them

Communalism is a black spot on the name of secular India. The cancer of communalism is eating into the vitals of our nation. Every year, we have communal riots in one or another city of the country. Cities like Aligarh, Moradabad, Kanpur and Ahmadabad have frequent communal riots.

The root cause of communalism is religious intolerance. It is fanned by religious fanatics who spread communal hatred in order to feather their own nest.

Terrorism on the other hand is an act of violence by some individuals with the aim to create fear, anxiety, panic and disturbance in the minds of the common people.

Terrorist believe in destruction, death and creating lawlessness. They use such methods to exert pressure on the governments to concede their demands. Government is using counter terror methods to control terrorism.

Sometimes, communalism and terrorism are interlinked. Communalism is invariably due to religious intolerance; sometimes it takes the shape of religious terrorism, whose cause could be religious persecution. In India people are suffering from both communalism and terrorism.

Generally people belonging to different religious faiths when stay together tend to develop a sense of uneasy relationship with people belonging to other religion. Some religious groups develop a feeling of being persecuted. They want to assert themselves through acts of terror. There are many such cases in India that have communal angle to terrorist acts.

The perpetrators of communalism and terrorism lack a rational, scientific and democratic approach towards the society. They are bigoted lot who believe in acts of violence.

It is high time that those who divide the society though acts of communalism or terrorism should be brought to justice. The government should enact strict laws to combat this problem and people should cooperate in its eradication.

In case of terrorism enacting laws and increasing counter insurgency methods could be the solutions, communalism on the other hand can be tackled in many ways.

We must understand, dividing the country in the name of caste color, region, and religion, nationalities etc are all act of communalism. The disease of communalism runs deep into our society and needs to be eradicated from its roots.

It's a shame for our country that even after more than 60 years of independence and professing to be a secular nation, communalism still prevails in our society.

Both communalism and terrorism is a result of the state of mind which can be eradicated by certain actions of the government and the people. The government should introduce anti communal laws in the country. Further, it should introduce anti communal lessons in the school syllabus.

In order to eradicate the problem of terrorism and communalism it is imperative to develop a sense of universal brotherhood in the country. So the message of Universal Brotherhood should be given prime importance. If secular India has to be developed, it has to build on the edifice of universal brotherhood.

K.Shreya Ghosh

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