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It is an open impression by a fanatic cricket scientist "if cricket is religious in the world,sachin is god"a man of phenomenal human qualities of sachin tendulkar can be a god or not with common sense ,truly cricket has patronised itself as no less than a religion,that nurtures its followers as all other religions do in india. it is that because the other sports too like cricket too deserves a status of respect,if not like a fan following religion cricket is made out to be has gone in for asylum speeking outside india,because of the treatment meted out to it.however, it is conspicuously yes . and partially no.hence from the voice of an endangered cult of other sports,these sports too deserves its 'primordial' respect and status like cricket through amicable approach,development and research with well attention paid to it.it is not a non-achievable task to step aback, thinking the whooping profit we may not succeeding by marching outside cricket,but a relentless movement that needs bees' like co-operation to shape such sports'future like its honey professionally from its nesting for an unbiased common sports culture and practise in india.

An Inclusive Approach :

An inclusive approach of institutions that educates sports has to imparted and socially patronised by many 'altruist' hearts of sports lovers from every spheres of life can empower and encourage such sports from swiming outside the 'ocean of cricket' above its thumping tides in manovering their sheer survival. Such a change of culture and custom in the common practise of sports frrom the billion hearts in india can overpower the island sports alongside cricket in taking on the sole imperialism of cricket galatta in india.even a nudge to cricket can be spared to uphold the sovereignity of other sports than cricket,for its domination can be viewed only for the sheer survival of all other sports alongside cricket,in particular.

India – Home to All Sports:

Hence a mobilised institutions,that enlarges the scope of such other sports of suppression to ponder away cricket with robust'unharmful' radiation of confidence achievable through its hardwork and results,and research can create a india that divulge a single sport hegemony rather help in nurturing an amicable atmosphere in the indian sky,that ensues

All other sports alike cricket in embarking on the sports, of 'career coloured with adventures and achievements'.