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Does the human race need to slow down?

As far as the human race I concerned, we see that in today's world the human race is increasing day by day and the progress concerned has increased rapidly in this decade. Considering the economic growth of the countries of the world, we have seen a rapid increase in the majority of the countries which somehow affects the human race as it has been observed that this has happened due to the increase in the capitalist economy where we see that the rich are getting richer an d the poor are getting poorer which indeed affects the human race.

As the economic growth of the country does not rise as a whole but as a matter of fact, it only increases the other aspects and outputs of the economy.

On a highway, even if we drive as fast as we can we would still find someone ahead of us. This is true in our lives too. We can't get ahead of everyone. So why not simply enjoy the safe and long drive of life by letting the rise of equality of the people of our own countries and letting there be equality amongst the nations too.

Socially, the human race too needs to slow down. The rising levels of crime, power, authority etc. should be decreased and not only considering of the individuals alone, the society as a whole should be considered. By providing the necessary requirements such as food, housing and clothing to the people of the country can help in developing the society as a whole and thus help the human race to achieve its desired goals.

In the need to earn more and more money, people are just thinking of themselves as individuals and do what is right for them and not what is right for the society. Nobody in bothered for the society. Still in the world we see that, poverty is not yet abolished, unemployment is still increasing, and the crime rate is increasing at an unprecedented rate. So what will happen if an individual thinks of himself and not for the society as a whole?

Sharing and caring is taught to all of us right from the beginning, by our parents and teachers and it is very hard to say that we forget it very fast and easily. If human race keeps on rising, one day mankind will die, and nothing will be left for the people. If a nation thinks of it and not for the others and not maintain international relations where will it go? The answer of this question is known to all of us. But it's just that we are not bothered of the human race, we just care about ourselves. As each and every nation thinks of the humanity first, thinks of the human race first, why cannot the people of that country think so? Humanity is the word from which we all need to be aware of. If the human race does not slow down, then it will surely affect the mankind and yes, that day will be the end of humanity.

Karan Gautam

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