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After nearing 25 years, does India needs reforms once again.

Right since our independence Indians have witnessed reforms of one or the other kind. The economic reform of the 1990 was one such major reform. Now almost 25 years after that, the nation again needs the same kind of spirited reforms to bring about change in the outlook of our country.

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Reform is not the sudden activities which follow any cause and affect pattern. Voices for reforms are not restricted to candle marches, marathons, strikes or dharnas. Instead of criticizing politicians or bureaucrats of inefficiency we should step ahead and take part to bring reform in the very system we live in this country.

Our country needs reforms at several levels because the issues that are confronting us are multipronged. Corruption, communal violence, crimes against women, terrorism etc are haunting the nation.

As patriotic Indians we have to relit the ferocious fire of reform within us and bring about change in the social political, economic outlook of the country in a peaceful and democratic way.

Corruption is one of the significant challenges before our country. The hard earned money of tax payers is filling the pockets of ministers and selfish businessmen. A Raja and Kanimojhi in 2G scam, Kalmadi in Commonwealth games scam have made personal wealth in crores of rupees. Government and Defence personnel's have made huge money in Adarsh society scam in Mumbai. There was military trucks scam, the PMO office was involved in the coal block allocation scam. Similarly, numerous names figure in illegal mining scam.

The list of scams and persons indulging in scams are endless. As an Indian we can no longer tolerate such phenomena anymore. We have to bring in reform to correct such injustices and once for all rid our country from the menace of corruption. So a reform to check corruption is on the top of the list of reform.

We need to have social reforms because cases rape, sexual harassment of women, female feticide is on rise in every state. Our mothers and sisters are becoming the victims of crime against women. We need reform our society to check all such crime against women.

Communalism and terrorism too are on the rise. We need reforms to check such cancerous growth that is pulling in our country down.

There is need for economic reform. Discrimination on monetary aspects is glaring in this nation. Economic inequalities and social disparity in wealth and resources is causing malnutrition and infant mortality. So the country needs economic reforms once again.

We need reforms to be courageous. Pakistanis are taking away heads of our soldiers, innocent Sarabjeet is killed in Pakistan's prison, Chinese claim Arunachal Pradesh as their territory, Chinese soldiers barge on Indian territories and hoist their flags, Bangladeshi immigrants continue to trespass into India, and Maoists attack takes place every other day. As Indians how long can we tolerate all such incidents? We need reforms to tackle all such kind of incidents that is happening now and again.

If we have to bring reforms we should need to bring changes in ourselves before asking others to change. If the politicians are eating up our money we should not only reject them but contest elections. If we are affected by ridiculous decisions of our officials, we should join the government service and initiate change.

We have to instill within our self the spirit of patriotism. This is our country we have to take the responsibility to initiate reforms. We have to make our self strong, ignite the valor within us and fight to win. This will be the true reform that the country needs at this moment.

-Abhijeet Singh Rathore

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