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Does Karnataka really need its own flag?

The march to Karnataka elections 2018 are near by in future and at this point of junction the political parties are busy in flaring up the emotions and commotions among the people by pronouncing the statements that render majority in the elections . The genesis of this is tactic is not new to Indian election scenario but it gained much steam in the present context .

The India is glorified and heralded as unity in diversity in the international arena for its outstanding contribution for the progress and development of all religions and languages that inhabited in the country. The Indian constitution explicitly espouses the noble ideals and cherished goals that are incorporated in the statute book for the welfare of the each and every section of the country.

The elections in the democracy for every 5 years span is not new but it is a regular phenomenon that occur but here in the context where the situation is invited to expose the content is new phenomenon because the Indian National flag was adopted by the constituent assembly on 22nd,July 1947. The political parties are striving a lot to win in the elections and for that they are doing lot of mal practices.

The political parties are confronting a grave situation in Karnataka elections 2018 because the ruling Siddaramaiah government is heading the congress and another side BJP is opposing the congress and seriously mulling various options to win the elections. The both parties are in neck-to-neck election campaign and busy in deploring against each other and encouraging defections in other parties. The ruling Congress government is one step ahead against opposition in garnering centre of attention by using divisive tactics such as pleading for minority status to Lingayats religion , raising the separate flag for Karnataka state etc are some of the notable things.

There are few examples in the history of Indian elections where some political leaders raised these type of issues in midst of elections when they feel that they are going to lose the ground to opposition at this point of high time they feel that this tactics will reap desired results in elections. But, contrary to this perception there are numerous instances where the political parties with this ideologies were wiped out from political stage within a short span.

The Karnataka state is the integral part of India and formed on 1st November 1956 along with other states and eulogized as software capital of India. The people of Karnataka are demanding for separate flag but there are demanding for education, health, economic empowerment etc but the immature politicians didn’t comprehend the plight of the people problems and giving different color to this. The political parties had become habitual for them to divide the people on basis of caste .creed, sex ,nationality etc and ask votes.

The election commission of India should bring political reforms in elections and should impose strict rules and regulations on the candidates those who are contested in the elections without affecting the individual liberty to campaign on behalf of the party. Secondly, the election commission of India should disqualify the candidates those spread venomous speeches, provoking messages , going against the democratic system of the India etc should be strictly punished according to the Representative act of people 1951. Hope the positive atmosphere will drive the plight of elections.