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How to check the decline of ethics and morality in our society and politics

How to check the decline of ethics and morality in our society and politics

Society and politics are two interrelated terms. Change in one is apparent in the other as well. It is important that both be free from evil. But situation today is a contrast. Our society, in the race to become hyperspeed is neglecting moral issues. Some instances which are evidence of decline in morality and ethics in society and politics are:

  1. Targeting minorities in the name of breach of ethical values.
  2. Politicizing issues related to life and other critical issues that needs not polity.
  3. Politicians and "babus" being unruly on flights and other public places.
  4. Presenting obscene and derogatory work before the youth in name of freedom of expression of art.
  5. MPs watching inappropriate videos and playing games on mobile phone during parliamentary proceedings.
  6. Attack on foreign students alleged to take drugs.
  7. Carnage in name of religion and superiority of race.

Across the globe many such instances suggest that our society and politics have lost their fundamentalism. The effects of falling ethical and moral values are really appalling. Our country is that of saints, sages and spirituality, but today these spiritual "gurus" are misleading people towards restlessness. In such a scenario no component of society is spared from immorality.

It seems that values learnt from book at school remains confined there itself. Moreover, none of us is interested to look back at our culture. Ask a student what good would you wish in future and he/ she will say - something which brings me profit, no matter what it costs, This indicates where immorality is heading our generation to.

It is notable that such a moral deterioration has not creped in suddenly but it has been accumulating since long back. The question is who or which group of people is responsible for this and what needs to be done? We cannot blame a single person or group for this as it is the collective responsibility of all to maintain a healthy society. We must first ensure this in our houses by making kids practice in daily life all good values they learn at school. Such basic treatment will gradually instill the youth with patience, harmony and love for others. In this way we can help preserve our ethics too

Known better by its popular name Insat, The system is a network of satellites that facilitates communication and broadcasting across the south Asian region. The first satellite in the series was placed into orbit in 1983 and ushered in a revolution in India's television and radio broadcasting, telecommunications and meteorological sector. Nine satellites are operational.

As far as politics is concerned, it is we who choose our representatives so they have to work for our interests. If any of the politicians make provocative statement, they must be booked. The present government's move to abandon the red beacon is an applausive one. Measures like these send direct message to bureaucrats and other public servants that they are "FOR THE PEOPLE" and not 'ABOVE THE PEOPLE". More such moves are required in the near future to upgrade the authenticity in the system. One important thing to mention is that the judicial system should be kept as far possible from quick implementation of moral reforms.

Some more "needs to be done" are:

India joined an exclusive global club when it successfully launched the Mars orbiter Mission on a low budget that was at least 10 times lower than a similar project by the U.S. The Rs 450 crore project revolved round the red planet and to collect data on Mar's atmosphere and mineral composition.

  1. Inclusion of holy scriptures in school syllabus atleastupto class ten.
  2. Connection of youth with the society is necessary.
  3. Striking off special quotas and privilege for public servants.
  4. One of the most important need is education, as illiteracy is the mother of all evils in society.

Since declining morality and ethics is a buttress issue it will not go away so easily, but individual effort by all of us will definitely make the difference.

- Divya Prasad