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Farming Has Lost the Ability to Be a Source of Subsistence for Majority of Farmers in India

Food, clothing and shelter are the three basic necessaries for the sustainability of humans. In that agriculture plays a vital role in satisfying the source of that needs. India is a tropical country which best suits for agriculture. Even 80% of its population depends on that. And 72% of farmers are doing in small scale. Farming is a part of agriculture, since it does not involve that much technology, capital investment and it does only to satisfy local markets. Let us discuss about its role in modern world.

It’s Role in Modern World:

Farming, done by local and regional farmers mainly involve food crops that are in demand and the crops that best suits for their environment and economic condition. In modern days, due to lack of rainfall, adaptation of modern techniques and reduction in interest of local farmers have resulted in loss of farming.

It’s Role in Modern World:

Agriculture plays an important sector in Indian economy as it contributes over 17% of Indian economy and ensures employment for 60% of its population. India exports nearly $38 billion dollar worth of agricultural products and making India, the largest agricultural exporter worldwide.

Initiatives by Govt:

  • The “INDIAN COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH” (ICAR-1905), was responsible for the Indian green revolution of 1970s.

  • The “INDIAN AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE” develops new techniques for the design of agricultural experiments and analyses data in agriculture.

  • To resolve the problem of unpredictable nature of farming and prevents farmers suicide in the country, the Govt. had launched Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana-2016, which ensures crop insurance policy with relaxed premium rates on the principle sum insured for farmers

  • Govt. to invest 75K crores to provide energy efficient irrigational facilities to farmers. i.e. by providing energy saving pumps.

  • In order to ensure the importance of soil and water for improved agricultural production, the Govt. started cluster approach mode of farming through paramparagat krishi vikas yojana. Acc. to these approach 50 farmers would form a group having 50 acres of land to implement organic farming. The Govt. aims to cover 10K clusters and five lakh hectares of arable land under organic farming within 3 years.

  • And several other schemes such as,

    1. National mission for sustainable agriculture.

    2. PM krishi sinchai yojana

    3. Micro irrigation fund

    4. Agriculture contingency fund

  • Some of the notable developments by civilians such as KISAN NETWORK APP by an IITian, which provides sufficient information and notifications to farmers in easy and regional basis.

Still Farmers Suffer, Why?

We need to watch keenly that these developmental measures are reaching the end farmer of India.

  • These developmental schemes majorly cover middle and large scale agricultural lords. Many farmers does not have their own land to apply for this scheme, they just enjoys a tiny part of the profit from the owner who is covered by the welfare schemes.

  • The major drawback is that the knowledge of the initiatives given by the Govt. is not receiving the farmers at the end.

  • In agricultural sector the production is sufficient but the movement of goods to the area of demand is not done in a proper way. The lack of warehouse and the lack of govt’s interest to directly purchase the produced goods and supply to where ever it is needed is an important cause.

  • Lack of knowledge by the farmers to cultivate right crop at the right time with the guidance of govt. is also a cause. The weather unpredictability is also a cause; since India is monsoon country.

  • Many of the farmers, does not get proper guidance for the usage of fertilizers, weedicides and others issued by Govt. They are still using the cheap products that are available in markets because majority of the duplicate products occupy the markets by crossing govt. standard approval.

Way Ahead:

The government should ensure that its welfare schemes are reaching the end and try to involve all farmers within the government’s development vision. The traditional method of agriculture should also be conserved. The national solar mission should also cover agricultural sector to tackle the electricity demand in that sector.

In addition to the welfare schemes by the govt., the National smart waterways project; that is in the table of approval will be the landmark scheme which will help the farmers and Indian economy in a large scale. The scheme will covers and ensures proper irrigation facility all over the nation, transport of goods will be cheap and effective and it will act like a huge drainage of freshwater at the time of floods. Even electricity production can also be possible through this scheme. Hence this landmark project needs to be implemented as soon as possible.

Hence farming does not lost its ability to be a source of subsistence. The govt. is taking a wide range of steps for that. We need to acquire that knowledge and stand with the government for the welfare of agriculture, human society and the development of nation.

- Surya.M