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Fulfilment of ”new Women” in India Is a Myth

Every year we celebrate Women’s day on 8th march in a motive to respect women ,to empower and support them and inspire them to come up in their life. Women symbolise strenth,power,never give up attitude. We also know that there is no tool more effective for development as empowerment of women. Women empowerment has become the need of the hour. It has become a matter of global concern. However sad to know that even after the guarantee of Indian constitution to maintain equality among men and women, there is less practical situation seen in the world we live in. Various schemes and initiatives are taken for women development and to promote gender equality.still it is evident that there is lowest participation of women in workforce. Female safety and protection in public places ,respect to women education and equal view of women and men in society is still questionable. Schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao have contributed in nation building.varoius other programs are conducted to empower women. Attempts to eradicate inequality towards women have encountered strong resistances.

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New women concept may become a myth if it fully relies on government initiatives ,schemes etc. it is possible only if women change up their mind ,stand up for their rights and start believing themselves that they have equal rights and opportunities. Be it personal, social or economic the new women has control over her own life. The concept indicates the changing gender norms and awareness of gender equality and disctimination.New women indicate framework of equal access to economic opportunities, bring balance to decision making and power with purpose, creativity and compassion. There are cultures and old people still believing girls and women being inferior to men and are supposed to be less educated ,be more in home and are denied from work. It is in the hands of women to open from their zone to broaden their thoughts and mind and find the reality .empowering women towards nation building is a high topic of discussion. Our prime minister Narendra Modiji believes that the key to empowerment of women is educating the girl child. He said women empowerment is crucial to India’s growth. Days of seeing woman as homemakers have gone, we have to see women as nation builders. It is worth to write about our Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj who has contributed towards women empowerment. recent theme of “women first, prosperity for all “which emphasises that women represent tremendous power for economic growth and prosperity in developing and developed countries ensuring equal pay and improvement of working conditions to women .every girl and women had the potential to make changes in this world to make a better place and this potential depends on deeper thinking and high thoughts.

Creation of new women is possible only if women decide to be empowered to take their own decisions ,going against social evils and believe themselves that they are capable equally as men and create changes all around for the betterment .only then new women concept comes out of a concept of traditional story or a myth.

- Dr.Rashmi Bhat.

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