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Future of Indian Cricket

Month long prayers stopped, crowds errupted, crackers bursted –a dream has come true.An ecstatic trance enveloped the heart of each and every citizen across the length and breadth of the country.as Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his men in blues trampled Srilanka at the historic Wankhede in Navi Mumbai in the process steering India to lift the most coveted trophy after twenty eight long years.On 2nd of April 2011 Indians around the globe perhaps tasted the ethereal heaven bliss gifted to them by our eleven gods through our passionate religion CRICKET,and guess what ,the effect is poignant and perpetual.

Cricket commerce and fan frenziness as expected has started reaching a new high from the moment the cup has been pocketed. Brand International Premier League India's biggest domestic league will now on generate a rejuvenated boost and which will attract colossal investors to invest in the Indian Cricket Industries.The Indian Corporate World along with the bollywood industry can extrapolate the patch up with the cricket industry which will open a new economic incentive for the entire nation.These will lead to the west looking forward to the east for the first time for various modern and scientific economic incentives,commercialism and consumerism.Moreover the victory will also open new windows for the upcoming ,budding new youths ready to take the legacy forward.The domestic cricket viz the Ranji Trophy,the Dullep trophy,the Deodar trophy etc will also be beneficiary from sufficient sponsors and spectators which will be of loads help to groove new talent pool. Women cricket will also be looked upto and will be closely followed more than ever if not at par with the men.

Khep cricket (solely responsible for innovative shotplays grooming the initial phases of various present Indian cricketers including captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his "Helicopter Shot") will gain tremendous importance in the talent hunt amongst the state ,zonal and district level selectors Moreover the win has also provided a soothing impetus in the Indian textile, jute and cotton mills as well. A recent craze has been observed amongst fans to get their tees and shirts imprinted with the name or photo face of their favourite heroes. Various mats and carpet featuring India's historic triumph has been designed. Moreover it has been expected that international cricket matches in any parts of the country will renumerate the amount of profit made by the BCCI. A multitude of the present and to-be youths and their families will take incentive from this glorious victory and encourage their wards to take up and master the bat and ball game incase the child is tempted and lured by the audacity, the magnanimity and the scope of this profession. It must be mentioned here that even the Great Sachin Tendulkar was so much so good impressed and inspired by India's World Cup victory in 1983 that he was then determined to follow cricket as a profession and subsequently made his test debut in 1989.This new trend of professionalism will set the landmark for companies dealing in cricketing kits and equipment..

Multinational sport companies like Puma, Nike, Reebok, Adidas will set loose their barrage of their best product at a more affordable rate to capsize the sub continental market which will cultivate a healthy rapport and a good perception between the consumers and the companies thereby enhancing India's currently down sliding economy. Even some of the national based sport kit dispensaries will get a new vista for a healthy competition, get acquainted with the various latest ideas, techniques, strategies, products in the international arena thereby making financial dividends. Even various products endorsed by the cricketers involved in the cup win will also reach skyrocketing sales. Proposals are in the air for the latest cricketing equipments to be installed by respective state level associations backed by the BCCI in all training academies to facilitate the players during gyms and workouts. Last but not the least cricket will continue to be the secular religion of the country for another fifteen years. After being disillusioned by the nuisance that shook the Indian political spectrum, the atrocities spread by the tyranny of democracy, the personal imbroglios ,the bluffs played by the various sections of the political parties the nation eventually breathed joy and once again glued together to commemorate India triumph at the highest stage which speaks volumes about the impact that the game creates in the mind of the people.We may have different opinion while debating on cricket and the performances displayed by our cricketers but that does not alter the passion of the country in any way. Because of the passion, thrill and intensity that canopies cricket it goes unsaying that Indians in their heart hails cricket as their National Sport even though hockey continues to enjoy the official title. However corruption in cricket in any manner must be curbed with stringent rules followed by necessary action so that at least the unifying religion of the country is scandal-free, clean and green.