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Is getting rich looked down upon in India publicly while being coveted secretly?

Man is part DNA, part unknown and part what he sees and goes through as a child. It is not a big crime if people in our nation despise getting rich publicly but secretly desire to become fat-cats. This cannot be interpreted as a psychological disability. Moreover it is not particular to a nation as it is human in nature. In India it might appear a little greater in amount because she is poverty-stricken. Being poor is not easy. Because it gives a person bitter experiences upon which he develops his thoughts.

When I was home a week before elections I remember a politician shouting in a campaign held next to our house. "All that a normal man requires is a piece of land less than 10 cents and a shack. Why should these people, build houses like Taj Mahals?" I pitied our house which hasn't seen a drop of paint for the whole 7 years from its completion.Our house was once considered big among our neighbors but today there are many. The so called democratic once but, not any more party of his, allegedly had thousands of crores in foreign banks. I asked my mom if this person was a hermit (in the sense, he who sacrifices everything and lives in a rat hole), she told that his house got completed along with the newly built village office.

The reasons behind the social dislike towards rich or getting rich dates back to decades when the foreigners occupied high posts and accumulated wealth and kept the Indians in lower grades, suppressed. The ruling class assumed to have held absolute powers and rights. When foreigners withdrew from the country, aristocrats along with the ruling class took over their role. The common man always found himself in detriment.

The stereotypes formed in the minds of people about the rich constitutes the primary frame work upon which the general aversion towards them is set to grow. Real life examples of the ultra-rich juicing the common man for their profit makes one's blood boil. Every single child born to the lower strata of the median inculcates this general aversion to the state of being rich. Anti-corporate feeling is an example born out of such prejudices.

My research went on to inquire an auto rickshaw driver which I believe represent a genuine proletarian. I asked him why didn't he started a small scale business instead of driving a rickshaw. He answered me telling complications involved in taking a bank loan or taking money from a private lender whom they address 'blade mafia'. I remember reading in one of my business books that profit is the result of bearing risk. The common man here is afraid to get out of his comfort zone and take any risk. We can't simply blame them. Risking in India means risking your only dwelling which indirectly means risking your family. In India if you are poor it is next to impossible for you to become rich.People are precluded from starting ventures due to hard financial background and classism.

What would one do when he feels unsecured and isolated? In fact, he would join likeminded people with the same feeling and form unions and associations. It empowers him with a feeling of security and unity. Isn't it a smart idea?

But what if the head of these groups or associations simply manipulate or cold shoulder things for their personal interests? It took me no time to understand that this is not my mere doubt but true reality when I came to know how most of the labor strikes in our country gets easily killed even without leaving a chance of negotiation. Wide spread corruptions, smuggling, tax evasion, black marketing, hoarding and adulteration are all serious symptoms of people's desire to become rich secretly.This mindset towards social development and progress is disastrous as it would prevent any good arrangement for public welfare.

The only solution to this social scenario is a total mental revolution through proper awareness and counselling. Let's be realistic and accept the fact that being rich is the outcome of hardwork and dedication. There is no substitute to hard work. No one should resort to unethical ways to make quick money. Similarly the rich should not escape from paying their taxes as it would bring imbalance in the social status and widens the gap between them and the poor. Nature's resources are to be shared equal irrespective of species, gender, status, caste or creed. Mutual cooperation and harmony should be maintained between people. Both should realize that each one is important. The cognizance of which is the development of both classes as well as the nation's economy. Jai Hind!

Anand Joy

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