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Globalization and the Pollution

Globalization can be defined as the process of making the world smaller and keeping it connected with one another. It is only through globalization that now in the present scenario we can come to know what's happening in the other part of the world. Indian markets were allowed to enter global market in the 90's.these led to drastic changes in the thinking, standard of living of people, and also in the economic scenario of India. It sort started a new type of industrial revolution in India or it can be said that it gave a new start to the already existing industries in India.

There as also been an increase in the rate of pollution at an alarming rate in the past decade. It can be said that the rate of globalization and the rate of pollution are inter-related, as the rate of globalization increases, the rate of pollution also increases Due to globalization the competition among nations to become the super power has become at a very high rate. This as led to fast development of the nations. The development is not being done in a proper way which for time being won't show it's effects, but in the long run will cause a major damage to the world.

The degradation of ecological system can be defined as pollution. As the world progresses, it is destroying the wonderful fauna and flora that exists directly and indirectly. Large pieces of land covered with trees are being wiped out to make way for industries, residential complexes etc. As the trees provided for the habitat to large variety of birds and animals, these animals could not survive the change in the environment and got extinct. Many of the industries are situated near water bodies to release their chemical effluents in the water. but this in turn effects the flora and fauna in the water bodies, also making the water unfit for any use ,specially for drinking. There also has been an enormous increase in the air pollution, through increase in vehicular movement, poisonous gases let out from industries as waste gases and through many other ways harm is being caused to the nature.

The damage due to this destruction has already started showing. It is seen in the form global warming. But this is only the starting of the damage, if we continue in this way we have to be ready to witness a lot more changes and that will for the worst.

Globalization is not harmful; it is one of the best ways to improve the country, if followed in a proper and systemic way. We should try to improve our country by utilizing the facilities of the other developed countries and our resources in a well planned manner, so that the future generations also have the resources to utilize for their better development.

Shruti Garg

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