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Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan

GRAM UDAY SE BHARAT UDAY campaign has been launched by Narendra Modi government on the occasion of the day which marked the 125th birthday of B R Ambedkar, the social reformer and tireless campaigner who fought against social discrimination along with Panchayat Raj day which was to be held on 24th April 2016. It was a 11 day campaign starting from 14th April - 24th April for creating national efforts to strengthen Panchayath Raj, promote rural development, social harmony, welfare of farmers and livelihood of the poor. This campaign focus on strengthening the collaboration with state and the panchayat raj ,where both hands would work together for bringing fruitful efforts out of it, which works accordingly with the proverb that clapping with two hands make a better and louder noise rather than clapping with one hand alone. The meeting was held at MHOW in Madhya Pradesh which further dealt with creating a national wide effort on overall development of the prime issues that are prevailing in India. Agriculture is considered as the main source of live hood for large sections of people and so The main focus of the program would be on development of agriculture by formation of various village assemblies where farmers will be given awareness on various schemes launched for the development of farming community like soil health card scheme, Fasal Bima Yojana etc. which would reduce the sufferings of farmers caused due to lack of awareness of the schemes available for them and suggestions would also be taken from them, considering their view points and measures which they think can bring further development in agriculture .Apart from this further developments would also be made for making progress in each farmers life by raising the farmers income . The scheme would involve a campaign by ministers of agriculture, labour, rural development, social justice, Information and broadcasting in coordination with the states for development works to be done in each villages and urban development dedicated to farmers. A national meeting with tribal women gram panchayath presidents was also held from 5th schedule areas of 10 states where more measures were to be taken on the health and welfare of the tribal people, their livelihood, health and welfare measures. The tribal community needs to be protected as they face lots of problems dealing with lack of proper sanitation, malnourishment, lack of drinking water and various other factors which force these tribes to migrate elsewhere. This situation need to change where even they should be able to live a better life which we can hope to be possible through this campaign launched by our PM. Gramsabha meetings would also be held where various topics which include plans relating to development of panchayat raj, optimum utilization of funds of panchayat Raj, clean drinking water and sanitation ,role of women and rural development and social inclusion of welfare of scheduled caste, schedule tribes and also person with disabilities. Quite a lot of meetings were conducted which aimed at the successful implementation of the abhyan with each meeting having its own agenda to be carried out accordingly and here the main agenda of the meeting was to give helping hand to villages so as to come out from the shackles which will in turn lead to rise of the country as a whole. The abhiyan would thus indeed will bring a greater change if the people of all villages in the country would come forward and join their hands to make a better world and a better living for all.

- Radhika Satheesan

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