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How Important the Role of a Housewife to India’s Economic Growth?

A woman has to play many roles during her life cycle, whether it’s a daughter, sister, mother, leader, employee and a wife….to be more appropriate its a ‘HOUSEWIFE’. The most challenging , important and of course the most least appreciated role above all is that of a housewife. No matter whether she is working or not she has to play this role whole heartedly without a single day off.

According to dictionary, A housewife is a woman who does not have a job outside the home and who spends her time in cleaning the house, cooking, looking after her family etc. This definition in itself proves that how challenging is the role of a housewife. It contains many responsibilities and roles in itself. Housewife is the most important role a woman play but she doesn’t gets appreciation as much she deserves.

Housewives are the largest workforce in the world who works for 24/7 without questioning and in return is paid nothing for their efforts. If she is paid the role of housewife’s duties can amount billions annually. Housewives have their impact on the whole country… the major impact is that on the economic growth of the country.

Housewives play a vital role in india’s economic growth. Housewives are the largest consumers in the market. They purchase groceries, accessories, clothing and many other such daily items which ultimately add to the economic growth of the country. She is the one who actually decides what to purchase and most important how much to purchase. As housewives are the largest consumer in the world, any product targeted towards them will be an ultimate success.

It’s been said that behind every successful man there is a women. It’s not merely a statement, it has logic behind it. It’s the women … a housewife who actually takes care and nourishes the man by providing him food on time and proper diet so that he can work hard the whole day for his nation’s growth. Another economic benefit which is received from a housewife is achieved by the cultural values bestowed. She is the one who teaches a child to move on the path of honesty and lead a successful and corruption free life. She is the one who promotes habit of savings in the family.

She is the one who indicates the habit of savings in the child . On india’s quantitative note achieved a savings rate of 33% of the GDP of which 70 % comes from household savings. This is further estimated to an increase in the future. A housewife is also a mother who teaches the child values and culture. A child is a future youth of the nation and the nation bearers who will ultimately add to the economic growth of the nation in the future with their work. A housewife has capabilty to produce affective and efficient man who will ultimately add something to the economic growth of the country. Thus housewives directly or indirectly are playing a vital role in the economic development of India.

Housewife is the most under-rated role that a woman plays, but in reality one cannot think a single day without a woman in the house. In many ways whether directly or indirectly a housewife adds to the economic growth of the country. This is the only profession which demands nothing quantitative in return. It demands only love, affection and respect. But we consciously or unconsciously don’t respect this profession. We need to know that one cannot think a single day without a woman… a housewife. We should understand that housewife is equal to every man’s working profession. Housewives add equally to economic growth as any other working profession. In nutshell knowingly or unknowingly housewives are managing their families as well as the whole nation all together

- Nikita Mehta