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How Indian Diplomat row in US could be resolved?

The Indian diplomat in the U.S, Devayani Kobragade who hired an Indian maid was found to be paying her much below the U.S. daily wage salary. The diplomat had given misinformation about the salary of her maid. This was detected by the US police and they arrested the Indian diplomat, handcuffed her, strip-searched her and detained her in a room with sexual workers, drug peddlers etc for 24 hours.

This news through media and social network spread like a wild fire and created widespread resentment among general public of the entire the country.

This incident sparked a standoff between India and the U.S. India too immediately took steps to counter the aggressive attitude of the US towards Indian diplomat. This it did by removing high security zone status given to the US embassy in New Delhi. It also asked the US embassy staff to surrender the diplomatic status card within 24 hours that gave immunity to them from being searched at the airports.

This stray incident continued for some time but soon both the countries realized that this may hamper not only the diplomatic relationship but also Indo-US partnership going on in various sectors. Both the countries recognised the necessity to deescalate the tension and find an amicable solution through negotiations.

The American state department that initially remained defiant later accepted India's point of view that the diplomat enjoyed diplomatic immunity and allowed her to move from their country.

This diplomatic row could have been resolved through the conventions that endorsed by Vienna conference in 1963. Each country is bound to follow the conventions laid down in Vienna conference. These conventions should not have been violated at the first place as every country is to oblige honour these conventions.

This matter was mishandled by the US police without acknowledging the fact that the Indian diplomat enjoyed diplomatic immunity. This diplomatic row between India and US should have been resolved through the conventions laid down in the Vienna conference.

It was unfortunate event, none the less an isolated one. It has no bearing on the robust India - US relationship.

Dwarakanadha reddy Bayana

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