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Impact of the Internet on our Daily Life, Pros and Cons.

Now-a-days every child, teenager and adult is using internet either on mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer. Everyone enjoys using internet according to their own leisure. Some people use it to learn something like Cooking, Playing Guitar, Piano or any other musical instrument, Repairing Mobile, Laptop or any other electronic item, etc. While others use internet for Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, online shopping, matrimonial sites, reading news etc. Internet has become a part of our day-to-day life as we have entered the new globally connected world. Globally connected in the sense that we can be in touch with our near and dear ones who are far away be it 100 kilometres to 10,000 kilometres from us. We can have a live webcam chat with them, we can send and receive pictures anytime and anywhere. As we all know that not everything can have a positive effects always same is the case for internet.

Internet Makes Our Life Much Easier

Internet Makes Our Life Much Easier Internet has impacted our lives and made it very easy. Due to internet we can handle all our bank related works online rather than waiting in a line at the bank, we can issue e-cheque, check our bank statement online. We can carry our e-passport with us on our mobiles, we can book tickets for movies, matches. We can even book tickets for bus, train, flights, cruise ships etc. we can order food online, do shopping online, watch movies, videos and learn many things be it for entertainment purpose or educative purpose.

Since internet has such a great impact on our lives lets also not forget its drawbacks. Due to internet people are doing everything online which is leads to no face to face conversation thus leading to underdeveloped soft-skills, lack of physical activity due to which people are developing physical problems like obesity, blood sugar, eye-sight problems, colour-blindness, back problems, swollen fingers etc.

Social Media and Mobile Internet Use among Teens and Young Adults

The rage of social media is such that now-a-days many people when they do not get the desired attention they seek, it leads to depression in them ultimately which leads to suicide as they feel that they have lost their respect. Many youngster and adults constantly keep on updating what they are doing or where they are. Due to which they fall prey to scams as the scammers already know what the individual is up to. (E.g.) When a group of young girls plan a party at a location far away from their house and update their status or plan about the event online they do not know that this information is open for anyone to read. Due to which they fall prey to dangers such as kidnapping. As we all know that there is no proper restriction to adult content on internet due to which many children and underage youngsters are also able to access it. Due to which many of them become sexually active thus leading to early pregnancy and resulting in population explosion and many times rape also. Many people fall prey to hacking which is done on internet which results to their personal data being stolen and sometimes leaked online. This also leads to suicide among people as they cannot bear the burden of their personal life being exposed. A recent case can be seen that the I-cloud server was hacked due to which many celebrities lost their personal photos and videos in which they were captured nude. Through internet one can also learn how to make a bomb. Even the regular detergent can be used as a bomb this idea can be seen on the internet.

Internet has made our life easy while making us slaves to technology. Internet has taken the whole world into a virtual world but this virtual world has its many drawbacks due to which many people are losing their lives while many facing health problems while some are not able to cope up with the new technology changing every day. Internet is useful in many aspects but one who is not aware about the drawbacks will be suffering the consequences.

Akshay Modi

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