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Impact of the Internet on our Daily Life, Pros and Cons.

The internet, it can be said, is the epitome of life in the twenty first century. It is fast, dynamic, and has a radical transformative potential that could change the lives of many around the world. It can, arguably, be called a blaze of innovation in the markets of communication technology, information technology, and computers. The internet and, more specifically, its usage, provides us with an example of how much the world can be changed with just the right amount of words and its assimilation with modern life.

With the advancement in technology, the internet has become more intertwined with our lives than we can think of. Everything - from news to entertainment - is available at our fingertips with just a touch to a button or screen. We are now provided with information that wasn't as easily accessible before, and news that would have taken days to reach otherwise, through a medium that is both interactive as it is informative. Despite the thoughts that the advent of internet has led to a limited social life - isolation, alienation, and eventually, withdrawal from society - research has shown that the opposite is indeed true. With the removal of so many geographical barriers and the freedom of speech allowed over the network, it has become easier to meet more like-minded people and interact with them. It is a different type of sociability that could not be imagined a few decades ago but is now prevalent in society.

Because of the vast migration of people to the internet, it has become more and more obvious to prospective companies and even politicians, that it is necessary to move their work to an audience that finds it easier to resonate with them. Political campaigns now use Twitter and Facebook to broadcast information, keeping in touch with the youth of the generation, while companies find it much easier to advertise with their own websites. The interconnectedness of the internet means that everyone can know everything in a short span of time, keeping up with the multidimensionality and instructiveness of it. By removing the middlemen in the government and corporate practices, the communication landscapes that have been created in its place have a new terrain of social and political change.

The relocation of the population to the virtual world has also lead to an increase in jobs. With the internet as tightly woven into the fabric of our society as it is, the government is also getting a large share of the profit. Companies like Dell, IBM, HP, and Apple sell their products to the masses and the resulting earnings cause a boost in the economy of the country. Furthermore, the internet is used by most companies to directly connect to their customers for a more satisfying experience. No longer is a company limited to its local base; instead, businesses can now extend all over the world with minimal trouble and strive to make prospective buyers and sellers meet together in more efficient, virtual markets.

As is with many things, the advent of the internet was a double edged sword. Though there are more advantages than disadvantages, we can't ignore the more negative consequences. Cybercrime is an actual quandary. With a rise in the users of the internet, there is a proportional rise in the people who decide to use the network for their own gains. Frauds and scams are quite common, along with hacking for spurious purposes. Apart from the more serious cybercrimes, there is also the lighter crime of illegally downloading music and movies that leads to a negative impact on the music industry.

In conclusion, it can be said that the advent of the internet is both a blessing and a curse. The ease of keeping connected with people and getting information is closely shadowed by the crimes that are committed online. The internet is the infrastructure of our new global society, and it is necessary to understand it properly to utilize its power to our full advantage. Research is the only method of moving forwards to further understand this technology, which is worn by the younger generations as a second skin, and in turn, to better understand the society we live in.

Sanya Dhoundiyal

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