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Impact of the Internet on our Daily Life, Pros and Cons.

Men started the journey from Stone Age and have reached to the modern age witnessing many phases of time with innumerable innovations from fire to firearms, from stone to mansion, from wood to massive ships etc. but internet, which has brought a revolution to bring the uncountable, unmeasureable changes in the lives of people.

Internet which everyone, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, uses and realizes its importance. In today's modern world, Internet has influence on almost every aspect of daily life .Education, a unique field, has been greatly impacted by the internet. All the information has been spreaded in the air which can be access by anyone on a click and has made the life easier and has reduced the rush for information. It has provided a faster connecting links to the loving ones irrespective of the fact in which corner of the world he is present .With connectivity, people have come in contact with each other and so has influenced each other's culture and tradition which can be seen in the shift of the people toward westernization. At the same time it has reshapen our social values in a progressive manner as people gets engaged with different societies, makes bond and develops a new culture which is not uncommon in the modern age.

Using Internet for Entertainment

Entertainment, a part of life, has been reshapen by the internet in terms of sources, extent, type which has a direct or indirect impact on the lives of people belonging to different stages. Youths or children have access to new games, movies, songs, videos while the people belonging to older generations have access to the entertainment of their likeness, their age which makes the people stress free, calm and relieved. Availability of the information about different sciences of health and their practice video has shapen the lives of youth as well as senior citizens of the world of different nations.

E-Governance Platform

Governance, which provides satisfaction to the people, has been promoted via e-governance platform which has the potential as well as in real sense, may or have influenced the lives of poor or weaker section of the people so that they might not feel deprived and agenda of the inclusive growth can be fulfilled in sustainable manner.

Unemployment, a major issue about which the whole world is concerned may be addressed as people may and are learning the new skills which can be harnessed in various sectors. At the same time, spread of internet itself has provided various employment opportunities.

Internet has reduced the time in certain activities which initially were time consuming like ticket booking, recharging etc.

Internet Attack and Cyber Terrorism

With the growth of internet, security concerns has also risen like the cyber threat, cyber war, cyber terrorism whereby the privacy as well as lives of people always hinges on potential danger. It sometimes facilitates the crimes by providing some immoral things which may provocate the individual to commit some immoral activities like child rapes after watching child porns. With connectivity, it enables people to learn some anti-societal things which bears a spot on daily life and affects the prestige of individual in society like drinking, smoking or abusing. It also facilities, sometimes, the abuse of freedom of expression or speech which may in turn tarnish someone's image or might hurt the dignity of the people .Some anti social elements or terror organization influences the lives of people, generally in negative terms, by using this platform by spreading some anti-religious about a section of the society which may in turn produce the chaos in the society.

Problems with Internet Addiction

Addiction is another problem associated with it which bears the potential threat in terms of health issues as it weans away the individual from physical activities and also sometimes misguide the youth which may not be beneficial for the society.

Hence, one can see that, on one hand it has revolutionized the daily life of people directly or indirectly and at the same time the potential threat that it bears on the daily lives of people cannot be ignored.

Sachin Yadav

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