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Impact of the Internet on our Daily Life, Pros and Cons.

The internet is an arrangement of computers from all over the globe, connected through networks to share information and data. It has been estimated that around one-third of the population of the world, has access to the internet. However, with changing times, the internet has expanded into a multidimensional and multifaceted service. Apart from business and communication, the internet has also gradually become the biggest entertainment medium. With the advent of the internet, our world has shrunk into one gigantic village. But, like all the technological innovations of the modern era, there are certain negative aspects of the internet which pose great threat to its users and society as a whole. As a matter of fact, an indiscriminate and over-exposure of the internet can lead to much social havoc.

The internet brings an innovative impression on trade and commerce and is widely used by businesses worldwide. It offers an instantaneous and direct communication by the use of e-mail, instant messaging, video call and the World Wide Web pages. It remains to develop, compelled by countless quantities of online informative data and knowledge in business and social networking.

Time proves that internet application and its usability are increasing as computer model are changing its design and style into a sophisticated one. It is a good device commonly used by students on their homework, assignments and projects. It is also an excellent source of information for research paper and studies. The internet has made searching for informative data much faster and easier to be done.

The internet has also made lives comfortable and the whole world now, seems to be on our doorsteps, or keystrokes. Now, in the age of the internet, one doesn't have to wait for hours in the queues to pay bills, taxes or withdraw money and buy tickets or book hotels etc. With the help of online services, all of these can be quite conveniently done from home.

Gradually, the internet has also evolved into a popular medium of entertainment. With a vast multitude of sites, the internet provides a gateway to an endless assemblage of videos, audios, movies and games communicate with family and friends and do gather informative data for their school research

Internet poses a great threat to one's personal data. As people use online banking and other transaction services, there lies a great risk of the account details, credit card numbers etc being stolen, through unsecured connections. Spywares, hacking software are responsible for many credit card frauds which have become a common occurrence nowadays.

With social networking sites, people are getting more and more engrossed in the virtual online world. As a result, social and family ties are getting thinner by the day. With the growing popularity of online games, children hardly participate in physical activities and games which can be extremely detrimental to their all-round development.

Computer viruses are also carried through by the internet. Computer viruses are malignant programs which can cause malfunctioning of your systems and may even lead to loss of data. Though there are anti-virus software available in the market but, the rate at which the viruses are getting more and more complex is alarming.

With the surge in the use of the internet, the reading habit of the current generation is also on a steep decline. Previously, reading used to be a great source of amusement and knowledge but the internet, with its many distractions, has turned into a bane of leisurely reading.

Though the internet has become a lifeline of modern economy and is an indispensable part of our daily lives, the hazards it poses are also significant. However, with moderation and discretion, people can curb the ill-effects of the internet!

Shrija Kumari

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