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Impact of the Internet on our Daily Life, Pros and Cons.

Internet is well known to all of us right from children to adults everyone uses it.We use www. which means world wide web,to search for anything on the internet.Hyper Text MarkUp Language also known as HTML is also used.We just need to click on the right URL address and browse it.In our latest style of living internet had become almost a part of our lives.We cant even imagine our world without it.It is a connection through our personal computers and also laptops.It was very simple to make a connection,we need to have a server and a PC.Recently wireless connections are also known to us.We can sit at any corner of the world and browse the internet.Even the smartphones also have mobile data for the usage of the internet.Nearly billions of users browse the internet.We can search for any information on it.We can come to know about the latest news happening around us,and also watch any TV channels on it.We come across many of the websites on it,and we can view any of them basing on our interest.Few people who find no time for shopping can manage through what we can the online shopping.Many of the shopping malls also have websites through which we can purchase whatever we need.We can buy anything from kids wear to adult accessories here.Many of the shopping websites like amazon,snapdeal,flipkart,etc even have home delivery services.We can also book tickets for a movie on bookmyshow.com.

We can purchase many books and audio books are also available apart from e-books.Every answer to our questions can be found on google.Google is the most used website across the world.For a student it is the best place as he or she can get what ever they want to study, can clear their doubts, and also view online video classes.It is a boon for them.

Wikipedia is a site which provides a detailed context for us. It is really helpful to a student.Access to many social networking sites is also through the internet only.Many of the social blogs like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc are few to mention.We may come across many new people on them.We make time to time updates on it.All our friends find it an easy way to remain in contact with each other. We may also search for our desired tourist destinations here. We can find any location by using google maps and can reach our desired location easily without anybody's help.You can also book for a room in a hotel and even in a hill station for a holiday through the different websites available.Even railways, flights and bus tickets can be done online only. It is because of the internet only that our lives have become more comfortable.

Many of the colleges and universities provide a free wifi connection to access the internet.Wifi everywhere plans are also being set up. Despite many of the advantages we come across regarding the internet, there are disadvantages also. Many cases regarding cyber crimes are eventually reported. There are many incidents occurring around us which makes it risk to use social sites.Many of the young women face a lot of problems and they have no other option other than suicide in some cases, when risk comes on the reputation.

Hacking is also common. Legal hacking is not a crime but illegal hacking is a crime.Many of the universities websites are being hacked, much of the information is being changed and also exam papers are being leaked.This is a crime. Strict security measures need to be implemented against such cases.Few sites which are not advisable to watch are also being accessed like pornography.On social media many conflicts arises due to comments made by a user against a politician or actor. In many cases, a female is abused and videos of her are being uploaded on the internet.It causes harm to the self respect of the whole family as well.

To mention in a brief, there may be many uses of the internet but we need to take care that no misuse is done while using it.Parental control must be implemented for children who are too small and they even don't know what is good for them.Any of the criticism must be avoided.With the latest technology, we find more easy to access but we must also be careful so that no such cybercrimes may occur.

Yogitha Sankla

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