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Impact of the Internet on our Daily Life, Pros and Cons.

The internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. It has linked about 190 countries for exchange of data, news and opinions. About 40% of world's population is estimated to be the user of internet. Largest numbers are from countries like China, America and India.

In this modern era, internet has become need of every bit of life. It has changed the way of living of human beings and has transformed old era of less access and facilities to a fully accessed and luxurious one. It has enclosed whole world in a box in which everything is easily accessible. Internet is another milestone of science which has two faces, one is its advantages and another is its disadvantages in daily life of humans. Let me start with its advantages.

Modern man is handicapped without internet. Internet has limitless advantages in our daily life. Its advantages start with Google or other search engines which enable us to search any kind of information. Information, News or pictures of almost whole world can be easily accessed by man while just sitting on chair or laying in bed. Today no student, who is accessible to internet, is left behind due to lack of study material or guidance. Internet is a source of every kind of information about every kind of subject. There are lectures of top most teachers of every subject available in internet which could be accessed by any student. Also teachers deliver their lectures to their students sitting across world through video conference from one place at a time. These all things have made internet a boon in field of education. Internet is playing a major role in integrating or exchanging cultures of world. It has enabled us to reach out to the culture of any part of world. Internet is used by governments of many countries as a medium to promote their culture. Information about heritages or wonders of world is easily available in internet.

Social networking is the one of the biggest achievements of internet. The social networking sites like Facebook, Yahoo etc have made this whole world like a family. Such sites are also helping people in finding their life partners. Hence these sites have become best friends of modern man.

Internet plays an important role in finding out paths while travelling. It helps in finding out nearby coffee stores, restaurants, police stations, petrol pumps, hospitals etc.

Internet has enabled us to make online payments of phone bills, electricity bills etc. We can book Tickets of Bus, Train and Airplane just by few clicks. Now there is no need to rush to banks for transferring money as internet has made it possible to do at home. Online shopping is another pillar which is getting hike these days. Internet is a huge source of entertainment. Movies, songs, and videos are available here on internet. It has every information about songs and movies like upcoming, newly released and hit ones.

Most importantly, internet has created millions of jobs and hence, curbing the problem of unemployment in world. Internet's achievements are phenomenal. It is like a shining star which has magical rays of information and those who are exposed to these rays experienced a transformation in their life. There are disadvantages too which are impacting our life. When we say disadvantages, first thing that comes to mind is hacking. Hacking has created a sense of insecurity among internet users. Online money transfer has also become little insecure due to hacking. There are other illegal acts like phishing, vishing and smishing which are defaming internet.

On one side social networking are integrating world but on other side same has become a medium for dividing world. Some non secular forces are using these sites for promoting hatred for other religions, castes etc. Terrorist groups are also using it to distract youth from mainstream life and engaging them in militant activities. Also pornography has been proven curse for our society and culture. It has become a worldwide business and has played a significant role in increasing crimes against women. Also it has created fear among female internet users.

We know internet is source of utilitarian information but sadly it is also a source of virus which is considered as a severe disease of computer. At last, despite of its cons internet has proven boon for man but there is a lot which it has to achieve. Magical rays of this shining star are restricted to just 40% of world's population. This number urgently needs to grow. Internet users are facing resistance from language barrier. Only English known users can use internet easily, other languages just have their footprints. These problems and shown disadvantages need to fixed and then we will see internet transforming world into more resourceful world.

Ankush Sharma

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