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In these times of globalization, is National Identity and Patriotism important?

21st century ,time of globalization , world is getting smaller as many countries and culture getting mixed up and it take only few years to change nationality and mostly Indians are trying every possible way to be British . Canadian, American and Australian ,and if someone talk about patriotism or country these days he would be called an emotional fool coz world is changing , thinking is changing as well. people are going abroad for higher studies , businesses and all we say for having a better life and in this hassle of better life people totally don't give a dam that what sacrifices had been made to get our identity back and that possibly happened coz patriotism was in lead role earlier and today hardly play any role .

patriotism is not a topic to be discussed ,its a feeling which is almost missing in these days. patriotism doesn't mean that don't go abroad ,of course one should go and make India proud in the world with their skills, that is patriotism as well , but going abroad to never come back , talk about Indian system from outside and running away from that system is selfishness. people who settled down in foreign countries always have good views that what should be done or not in India, but only views is not enough ,they need to jump in the system to make correction , to have a similar life in India.

although 95% nri want to return back, but they are scared what would happen if they will return to their own country , their ideas might not get accepted in India, but its not their fault ,they are right in their own way. equality ,liberty , women rights , just mere a few words in India, but actually one can get them in foreign countries easily but it doesn't mean that change the identity to get that . patriotism can make all nri to come back with full spirit to make India developed form developing.

now we discuss the people who actually lives in India but still don't care that where the country is going . public is mostly sleeping or some might ignore the things . India where population is in crores , patriotism is hard to find in thousands even. every day rape case happen , no value of life , people can die anywhere , rules are there to be broken only , no respect for women and mostly criminals are our leaders. we can not blame only govt for this coz population is far more than than the govt but no one have time to think about country. when parents will start thinking that one of their child should be in Indian army , police and navy there begun the patriotism. few times it comes in news that someone is selected in US army , or British army , and India feel proud on that but patriotism begun when we have proud in our own soldier not on someone who is serving in foreign army. doctors , engineers , and other highly skilled people should serve in their own country . how many British or Americans are in indian army? they are more patriotic than us, they feel proud on their country and if something went wrong they will sort it out but not leave their country .

govt should try to call back all indian living abroad , public should have patriotic feelings , thats the only way to make india a better india . nobody should find the endof patriotic conversation by saying ( india ka system hi khrab hai).

change thinking with globalization not country and nationality. in crore people if few lakh have the feeling of patriotism we can turn india into the united state of india . political parties need patriotism instead of party patriotism , they should work together for things that need attention . after 60 years of independence people are still struggling for their basic needs . leaders and govt. need to show love for their people and country instead of showing their anger for opposition parties.

so at the end i would say globalization shouldn't effect patriotism coz that's our identity , country always should be first wherever we go in the world , we should be proud to be Indian and whenever we are going to change our nationality we should remembered ourselves about our patriotic leaders like M.K . Gandhi, J,l Nehru. Bhagat Singh and rest all who sacrificed their lives for us. we should feel proud in having Indian passport rather than British passport .lets take the revolution ahead to make India the world power.

-Manpreet kaur sandhu

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