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India and its neighbours current govt policies and efforts.

India is the huge country and seventh largest country by area (3,287,590 KM) or the second most population is (1.2 billion). India is surrounded many countries and ocean. These are land borders (Bhutan, Burma, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, and Pakistan) and some non-land borders are (Sheri Lanka and Maldives). India's government nature toward the neighbour countries is always peaceful and positive. For this Government always has been making the policies and always efforts to make the good relation with the neighbour countries.

"But the current Government is '' BJP'' running in India and the Current party president Amity Shah" and New prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi'. They are handled the reins of their party. The PM. Narendra Modi had told the all policies and effort of their government in the swearing program. As far the policies an effort of government towards India and its neighbour.

The Narendra Modi decided to go to first foreign trip "Bhutan "to make strong peaceful and bilateral trade relation with Bhutan. He also had invited the PM of Pakistan "Nawaz Sharif" in the swearing program. ''It is clear that the Current Government wants to make strong and peaceful relation with their own neighbour countries.''

The first foreign trip was successful and positive. The both countries discussed on the policy, defence and commerce. Government of India has always help socio-economic of Bhutan. The Narendra Modi has done some treaty with Bhutan...The both nation taken the promise to achieving the 10,000 MV target. Kholongchu Hydro-electric project, announced numerous measure and concessions from any ban on export of milk. Powder, Wheat. Pulses and non-basmati rice, discussed free trade arrangement between them and expansion of bilateral trade, also announce scholarship provide the scholarship to Bhutanese students in India (INR 2 cores) and set up a digital library for the Bhutanese students. I think this is the good step to raise the friendship hand toward the Bhutan. The current government will keep continue the good relation in future with Bhutan.

The policy and effort toward the Bangladesh.
Recently, The External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj had visited to Bangladesh and talk bilateral issue including the land boundary, agreement, the proposed teesta river and illegal immigration. Both Nation will solve this issue very soon.

The policy and effort toward china.....
There are very good relationship and good partnership of trade with china. But the border (Arunachal Pradesh) issue with China remains forever. India always trying and effort to solve this issue. Recent the Beijing visit of vice president of India Mr. Hamid Ansari with the Chinese president xi jinping. He raised the concerns over the china continuing to show Arunachal- Pradesh in its maps and Beijing is planning to build the rail line with the country Pakistan and Control (LAC), both sides agreed that peace and tranquillity should be maintained and on that topic the PM Narendra Modi also talk about with china in Brics conference. I hope that the china will take action very soon on this issue.

The policy and effort toward the Pakistan......
The current government of Narendra modi have already given the indication to make the good relation with Pakistan. When He was invited to the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif in own swearing program. We all are known that the India and Pakistan is always the enemy of each other. But a lot of effort and try to come the sweetness in relation between both country. India is always raised the friendship hand for Pakistan. But Pakistan always tries to cutting these hands on the Kashmir issue. The Kashmir issue is still remaining after the independence. The current government of India wants to make good and bilateral trade with the between both nations. I hope that the current will try to and continue the friendship hand for Pakistan.

There are the good and positive effort and policy of current government towards the India. The current is able to take the strict decision (like as the Rail increase the freight); other active party parties were against of this decision. But current government establish on their decision. On another hand India is need to try and effort with other neighbour of India.' The current Government of India will continue their policy and efforts toward the India and neighbour countries.''

Sanyog Varshney

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