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Is Mahatma Gandhi still inspires today's youth

"Generations to come will scarce believe that such a man as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth"

-Albert Einstein

Mahatma Gandhi was a true leader of masses. His life and teachings are great source of inspiration for the today's youth. He was such an icon for the youth that showed the spirit of glory and way to freedom for Indians. His weapons 'SATYAGRAGHA' and 'NON-COOPERATION' are still relevant and are followed by many. Mass Leaders like Anna Hazare , Nelson Mandela, etc. uses Gandhian methods and ideals to promote rural development, increase government transparency, and investigate and punish corruption in public life. But the growing corruption, nepotism, terrorism, greed, violence, inflation indicates that we are moving away from Gandhi's teachings and ideals and are becoming non-gandhian. This manifests the relevance of Gandhi in this century. Is it true, Gandhian teachings and ideals has no relevance today?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 in Porbandar, in the State of Gujarat, India. His father was Karamchand Gandhi and his mother Putlibai. He studied Law in London and returned to India in 1891 to practice Law. His failure in practicing Law in India lead him to do legal work in South Africa. He stayed in South Africa for 21 years, and during those years he developed into the person the world came to know later. One can say that his foundation for the struggle in India was first laid in South Africa. The seeds were planted and germinated on the African Continent, but that tree developed branches and leaves in India. However, the fruits of that tree were and are for all of humanity. According to one writer: "If Gandhi had lived in India thousands of years ago, his life would have been wrapped in myths and miracles." But Mahatma Gandhi is a man of our times, "which shows that his origin was ordinary, his childhood normal, his student days uneventful, and his early professional career unsuccessful. Yet, he "was the spokesman for the conscience of mankind."

Gandhi, a lean old man with a stick in his hand and a cloth wrapped around him, won India its freedom - freedom from imperialism, slavery, poverty and discrimination on basis of race, religion ,caste, etc.. His speeches encouraged literates as well as illiterates. He brought Hindu-Muslim unity. The India we see today is all built by Gandhi. His thoughts, methods, teachings and ideals still relevant and inspires for today's young generation. His teachings are being practiced by all in day-to-day life.

Gandhi's teaching has brought a huge change in political life of the people. Due to his teachings India is being moving on path in achieving a corruption-free, transparent, moral and ethical government. As we know Gandhi never supported nor respected the government which was moving from wrong to wrong in order to defend its immorality.

Socially, Gandhi's efforts for emancipation and upliftment of women, female education and upliftment of socially backward and depress classes, upliftment of disabled inspires us today. His teachings motivates todays political leaders to frame new policies for the betterment and emancipation of this sections of our society. He believed that the weakest of the society should get the same opportunity as that of richest. His teachings has changed the behavior of many against the depressed classes. He used to say- "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Economically, India is being on path of achieving Gandhi's dream of self-sufficient India. Too the much extent India has achieved self-sufficiency. Government is also working for the rural development. As Gandhi used to say - "Future of India lies in its villages". Government is being working for 100% electrification in rural areas and has set the target till 2019.

His teachings of truth and non-violence are the key for India high growth and development. Due to his teachings India is being able to maintain good relation with the world. India is using its 'Soft power' to enhance its relationship with the world. Gandhi always believed that - "An eye for an eye will make world blind."

Gandhi's teaching brought a huge change in individuals life. Our attitude towards human beings, environment, plants and animals has changed. His teaching inspire youth in field of education, human development and science and technological development. His teachings has prevented the Indian youth from being victims of terrorism and also prevented many joining the various terrorist organization and spread of terror.

Gandhi was a very practical person and deeply religious person, hence there was no place for superstitious beliefs. He always wanted people to follow his steps rather then kissing his feet. He only wanted that people should reject all superstitious beliefs and live a practical life. Our contribution to Gandhi will be following his ideals and teachings which will enrich our life.

But in this globalized world are gandhian thoughts and teachings relevant. Is it really inspire us? Instead of implementing the Gandhian thoughts and teachings we are moving away from it. Modernization of India is the real manifestation of this. Gandhi was always against modernization. He also didn't supported industrialization which makes masses unemployed. And India is being moving on the path of industrialization and modernization.

Gandhi would never support the technology which make man lazy and dependent on technology. Gandhi always believed that man should do his/her own work. Gandhi would never like the way the youth is using the technology. He would oppose the use of social media which spoils the children's life.

Despite of so many policies and schemes for women, still they are the worst sufferer in the society. Gandhi would never support this. Despite of reservation policy for backward sections, we have failed in their upliftment.

The growing corruption, nepotism and terrorism, which has worsen the condition of India, indicates that we are moving away from Gandhi's teachings. Our attitude has been changed from short term pain and long term gain to short term gain and long term pain. This truly indicates that we are completely moving in the opposite direction from the Gandhian way. We only remember Gandhi's teaching on his birthday while rest of the year we are what we are.

The life of Mahatma Gandhi should serve as a beacon of light to guide humanity to a better world. He taught a lesson to all political leaders on how to work great social and political changes for the betterment of humanity in every walk of life. He said, "An India awakened and free has a message of peace and goodwill to give to a groaning world."

It's true that a vast difference has come in the approach and mindset of Indians in these 60 years of independence, thus its imperative that people will look askance at individuals who try to propogate Gandhian principle but despite this it is impossible to deny his relevance and his inspiration , the only change that can be made is to serve the same cuisine on a different platter to remove the spiritual veil which covered it and modify his philosophy so that it appeals to the scientific mind of today's generation.


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