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Is There Enough Employment for the Youth of India? What Can Be Done?

The number of new entrants in the job market and at the same time the number of new jobs created has never been coterminous in our country. As a result there has been a large vacuum as far as the employment scenario in the country is concerned. What is meant by large vacuum as far as the employment scenario is concerned is meant that unemployment problem is quite grave in our country. Unemployment in our country is in various forms and types like—seasonal unemployment, educated unemployment, disguised unemployment etc., to name a few in this regard. Hence the answer to this question, whether, there is enough employment for the youth of India is in the negative as far as our country is concerned.

At the same time, our country India is a bounty both in terms of human resources as well as natural resources. It is only due to this reason that our country attracted many foreign invaders to our country since time immemorial. Now at this juncture, we need to ponder what’s wrong with the employment scenario in our country and what is the way to overhaul the employment scenario in our country. In this regard the following points are cited below with regards to finding a way ahead as far as improving the employment scenario in our country

Firstly, to improve the employment scenario, we need to transform our huge population into human resources. I think, those people who are at the helm of affairs in our country has not been able to harness our bounty of human resources as well as natural resources in the proper sense of the term and thereby utilise it for the upliftment of the common masses of our country. It is only when we will be able to transform the bounty of huge resources of our country for the upliftment of the common masses then only we will be able to find a way ahead to curtail the unemployment problem in our country.

Secondly, it is seen that most of our youth has a lackadaisical attitude towards work. They are always in search of white collar jobs. Therefore, most of them in this endeavour become victims of frustration as such jobs are very less in number in comparison to the demand for such jobs. Therefore, it is imperative that the youths of the country improve a work culture without discriminating among the various jobs/ works as available in the economy of our country.

Thirdly, I think in the recent years especially after the globalisation era of the 1990s there has been a phenomenon of job-cut in our country. This has escalated the unemployment scenario in the country. Therefore, the government should frame proper policies to reabsorb those people who have lost their jobs in a proper way. On the contrary, discontentment, frustration and anxiety would become the order of the day for them.

Fourthly, only government jobs or corporate jobs or jobs in the private sector are not enough to solve the unemployment problem of our country. What is required, I think, is to make Indian youths self-dependent by providing them the necessary skills for doing something so that, he/she does not depend only on the government jobs. Here, if we can inculcate the youths of the country with skills to earn something, then only we can transform our huge population into human resources especially in a country like India.

Last but not the least, many youths of our country have gone offshores for better fortunes. In this regard, the Government of India should frame proper policies, so that, these people who are working abroad may be encouraged to come back to India and involve themselves in the development of the country by investing the money that they have earned abroad. In this way two purposes would be solved, firstly, job-creation in our country and secondly, these people who have left abroad will be able to assimilate themselves with the roots of their motherland and thereby ushering in its development.

What Can Be Done to Solve the Unemployment Problem?

The government of India needs to give serious attention to solve the unemployment problem in the country. In this regard, the distinction between the right to get a job should get merged with dong skill based jobs. In other words, we Indians need to give more emphasis on empowering the youths of the country by inculcating them with the desired skills, so that the line between a government job and a skill based work gets merged. As temptation for government jobs is more among the youths, so in this regard we need to encourage our youths to urge themselves towards skill based jobs and thereby earning their own breads and not only depending on the government in this regard. Moreover, we the youth of our country need to respect the ‘dignity of labour’ rather than respecting ‘labour of dignity’. All in all, the youths of the country need to respect each drop of sweat as released by their hard work and thereby lead to the upliftment of the masses of our country.

The government of India’s policy of ‘Skill India’ is a welcome policy to inculcate skill among the youth of our country. Moreover, ‘Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act’ which is one of the world’s largest employment guarantee Act is also a welcome step to curb seasonal unemployment in our country especially among the agricultural workers during their off agricultural season. In a nutshell, what can be done in this regard is that we need to rejuvenate ourselves and as a whole improve a work culture in our country by shedding off all our lackadaisical and callous approach towards hard work. It is only then that we can solve the unemployment problem in our country and thereby uplift the masses.

- Jnandeep Bora.