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Jayalalitha's legacies what it means to the country

Jayalalitha, popularly called "Amma" in Tamilnadu is one of the great leaders of India. Jayalalitha served as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu for five times and died in her sixth tenure as CM in office. Amma was an actor turned politician similar to her Guru "MGR". She entered active politics in the year 1982 with the guidance of MGR. She got elected as the Rajya Sabha member in 1984. Jayalalitha became the first CM of Tamilnadu in 1991 after uniting the split AIADMK after the demise of MGR in 1991. She then faced a lot of corruption charges, defeats, victories and rest was history.

Amma Success Mantra

"Amma" brand is the core success of Jayalalitha. A lot of low cost and free social schemes were introduced under the brand name of 'Amma'. Freebies given by Jayalalitha cost the state in a dear manner but benefited crores of people in Tamilnadu. This made Jayalalitha popular among the Tamil people. Amma freebie schemes are mainly focused on women welfare.

Family focused Freebie schemes

The planning of Jayalalitha was immaculate with the freebies covering the entire family members. "Focus on family welfare and country will develop by itself" was her motto. She gave freebies of table fans, mixie and grinder to all PDS card holders as per the election promise made in 2011. Now, in 2016 the promise of free 100 units of electricity to all households benefits the entire family. Women of the family were satisfied by giving free household freebies, Men of the family were satisfied by giving handloom, free goats and cattle, children of the family were satisfied by giving free laptops, free cycles, free uniforms and free books etc. Women of the family were given importance and the 'Pasumai veedu' houses were registered in their names along with free gas connections and stoves.

Gist of the Amma welfare schemes

S.No Scheme Name Brief Beneficiaries
1 Thalikku Thangam 8 gram gold and cash up to 50000 Women
2 Magalir Suya Uthavikulu Loans to women SHG Women
3 Cradle Baby To reduce female foeticide Mothers
4 Amma Laptops Free laptops to school and college Students
5 Amma Baby Care kits Free 16 baby products worth 1000 New Born
6 Sowbhaghya Legiyam Medicinal preparation for health Mothers
7 Pasumai Veedu Houses for BPL at Subsidized rate Women
8 Amma Unavagam Low cost food Public
9 Amma drinking water Low Cost drinking water Public
10 Amma Kudineer 20 litres of drinking water daily Family
11 Amma Salt Low cost salt Family
12 Amma Cement Low cost cement Public
13 Amma Mobile phones Free Smartphones to SHG Women SHG
14 Amma Pharmacies Low cost medicines Patients
15 Amma Micro loans Avail loan up to 5000 from banks Traders
16 Amma Arogya Low cost master health checkup Family
17 Amma mediclaim Sum Assured 1 lakh for treatment Family
18 Amma Theatre Tamil films at ticket price of Rs.10 Family
19 Amma Gyms Rural areas at a cost of 10 lakh Public

Tamil Nadu under Jayalalitha

Social Sector

  1. Tamil Nadu now has India's lowest fertility rate (1.7 average children per women) ranking first
  2. Second best infant mortality (21 per 1000 births) ranks 2nd after Kerala
  3. Maternal mortality rate (90 per 100000 births) ranks 2nd after Kerala
  4. Crime rates against children and women lowest in India


  1. 6th rank in Gross enrollment ratio
  2. 14th rank in literacy rate (80.7 %)
  3. 15th rank in Female literacy rate (73.8 %)

Crime rate

  1. Recorded crime rate against women is the lowest in India (17 per 100000 women)
  2. Recorded crime rate against children is the second lowest in India
  3. Recorded crime rate against Scheduled Caste is the third lowest in India

Industrial Growth

  1. Tamilnadu ranks first in the number of factories (37378) in India
  2. Highest industrial employment for people in Tamilnadu
  3. Tamilnadu has the most number of rich people in India
  4. Per capita income of Tamilnadu is fifth in India
  5. Attracted billions of dollars to Tamilnadu by conducting the investor meet in September 2015
  6. Tamilnadu became an automobile hub under her regime


The Discipline, administration, governance and decision making of Amma are lauded worldwide and are considered the vital takeaways for leadership in India. Her disciplined regime was clearly evident in her funeral procession which was conducted in the most silent and peaceful manner without any violence amidst a massive gathering. This reveals the respect shown by the Tamil people towards the great leader Amma. She was indeed the "Iron Lady" for overcoming the various challenges and controversies imposed on her with grit and determination. Amma is an achiever amidst the male dominated politics field. She is a winner and has become a role model for others to follow. Probably, the best meaning of her life to India was her last words - People made me and I belong to the People

"Makkalal Naan, Makkalukakavae Naan"