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JNU Row has opened up the debate on freedom of expression verses nationalism- Comment.

Yes, definitely, whatever has happened in JNU campus in 2nd week of February created a uproar in whole country. Thanks to our 4th pillar of democracy i.e. our Indian media. This has not only initiated a discussion among intellectual class but also gave rise to a university leader Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar. Overnight a university student leader transformed into national leader.

But yes, definitely a discussion on freedom of expression and Nationalism picked up momentum after this incident. Although 'Nationalism' word has become very common by last 2 years. It may be a coincidence or a deliberate exercise by political parties to discuss Nationalism with freedom of speech.

Let's revisit the day 8th Feb 2016, JNU campus, night time, when few students shouted pro Pakistani slogans. They demand freedom of Kashmir and shouted slogans like Bharat ki Barbadi tak jang rahegi jang rahegi. They were few misguided students who enjoyed their freedom without even giving a thought to their responsibility towards nation. This must be solely handled by university whatever way they want to proceed let the university settle down this matter. Does that really needed so much of media coverage. Which University doesn't have miscreants? Just because its JNU situated in national capital, it became front line coverage of every type of communication.

That is how debate on freedom of expression verses Nationalism started among intellectual class of our country. Let's be clear that this debate is limited to very few intellectuals and more over political parties. As usual every political party wants to get benefited from this. Quite possible that all this drama is preplanned by some political party. Every party just want to score their own political goals weather be it a common man's party or janata party.

Common man / Janata is still less worried about what happened in JNU but more worried how to earn bread and butter for their family. Many areas of our country are struggling with drought situations, Soldiers are dying for our safety but all that becomes less important. Discussion on few misguided students becomes necessary.

Discussion on nationalism has become every familiar topic now a day. It's been more than 2 years when our prime minister started poll campaign in early 2014. And slowly it became very common with chants like bharat mata ki jai and jai hind jai bharat etc.

But how this discussion converted into debate is really interesting. After JNU row people started calling those students as anti-national elements. And this way Nationalism word entered into JNU. As soon as few JNU students labeled with anti national tag got arrested, A foul cry started from liberal groups and opposite political parties. They declared it curb on our constitutional right of freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression provides us right to publically speaking our thoughts and spreads our own ideas. But it also limits a person which is clearly mentioned in our holy book i.e. constitution. Anything which is against the integrity and sovereignty of our country is punishable crime under law. Plus this is moral responsibility of individual as well, this land which has provided so much of freebees for their study, definitely they have grown up with the help of mother nature and people of this land. How can they wish to destroy that land only?

Even now a days, after getting bail, all accused are out for 6 months. Few of them are having a nationwide tour in the name of students mobilization funded by unknown political supporters. This incident could have been averted if university would have taken few proactive steps. Even university should bear complete responsibility that it was unable to handle few misguided students. Media also played a great role in taking this debate to people or say making this issue a debatable one.

So definitely JNU row started the debate which is still on and far away from any conclusion. Lets wish for peace and prosperity on our motherland. Lets make it best place to live on planet Earth.

- Ankush Yadav

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