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Kasturirangan Panel Report on Western Ghats , Discuss

On this earth each and every organic item exists only because of ecological cycle. And each and every organic item has physical and organic relation with other item. So biodiversity is very relevant for ecological cycle. And western Ghat is very rich in terms of biodiversity. Now united nation also declared this biodiversity as world heritage. Because it is in terms of biodiversity because it have complicated structure of biodiversity as well as it is in danger. Apart from that this biodiversity also have its own Financial Value. That's why this biodiversity needed to preserved that's why government of India has appointed committee under the chairmanship of pro Gadgil for suggesting majors for conservation and rejuvenation of biodiversity.
This committee gave its report on August31/2011

But this report provokes strong negative reaction among the various social political groups. Because they fear their commercial interest may get hampered due to recommendation of this committee. As well as some confusion also erupt among the common people about the recommendation of this committee. In other side political leadership confuse, due to political compulsion and wasted interest neither they can accept all the recommendation nor they can deny their moral responsibility. For came out of this situation, government appointed another committee. That is Kasturirangan committee

Actually nature and development always have conflicting interest and it is also true that one cannot be sacrificed on cost of other. To achieving balance of both is very difficult because whenever we think about the development we think about growth which can be obtained in numbers, but development doesn't mean only growth it mean something more. Economics tell us that demand or needs of humankind are never-ending and economics also tell us that all the demand or need of humankind has to be fulfilled by limited resources.

But our government or political leadership doesn't understand that. While doing any kind of planning they only consider future needs, but they do not consider the availability of resources and this type of attitude creating all kiosks.

When we observe reports of both the committees. We will come to know that there is difference of attitude in study and suggestion of both committees. Pro Gadgil himself and other are eminent ecologist so they deeply studied entire western Ghat and after that they suggest various effective majors for conservation and rejuvenation of biodiversity in western Ghat.

Actually these people are aware about the complicated structure of this biodiversity , as well as they also understand the significance of this biodiversity thru various perspective that's why they made proper plan for conservation and rejuvenation of biodiversity.
According to recommendation of this committee entire western Ghat can be categorized
In to three categories.
First one is high hills of western Ghat this is the core area of western Ghat that's

Why it is highly sensitive in terms of biodiversity because

  • This area contain thick forest which are responsible heavy rain and holding soil if soil get erased from hills and flush with flowing water and get accumulated on the coast it will create operational problem for ports because this extra accumulated soil definitely going to create obstruction in the operation of ports as well as this aria is the major source of water for rivers of western India. Apart from that this area also has some endemic species of trees and plants some of these tree and plants have their own commercial Value. And most important aspect of this aria is that various species of fish, birds and other animal heavily depend on this area because there life cycle depends on entire western Ghat. All these elements are depending on each other. That's why Gadgil committee suggest the complete ban on that activity which are harmful for this biodiversity such as mining, major dams, use of chemical fertilizers, chemical industry, and all that activity which are harmful for this biodiversity .
  • Second one is slopes of western Ghat this area is that much sensitive but needed to be cared. Though This area doesn't have that much complicated structure but it have some amount of biodiversity it must be preserved. And most important aspect of this biodiversity is that hall biodiversity of western Ghat is completely depending on each other. That's why Gadgil committee suggests that government should not give sanctioned for any new mining project in this aria. But existing may carry on with some restriction.
  • Third one is area between the hills and coast this aria is not much sensitive in terms of biodiversity. So committee doesn't suggest imposing any kind of restriction on commercial activity.
  • Administrative majors apart from all the above suggestion committee has suggested following administrative majors.

Santosh Kamble

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