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Are marriages becoming obsolete in the new world order?

new world sound like an another planet with life , but actually we are going to talk about earth, planet for human, in which changes occurs so rapidly that few things which use to be most important part of human' s life are getting disappeared and marriage is the one among them.

marriage is just a piece of paper in the new world order , so nobody really bother to have that . foreign country gave freedom to their citizen to live in together without any bond , and people prefer more than mariage a live in relationship because according to them to be together whole life or to trust each other no need to sign a paper and also marriages are expensive for them so no one really wants to spend their hard earn money on marriage and once got married they cant get rid of each other and they need to file divorce and long process . They are allowed to have kids without marriage , so for foreign nations its a big responsibility and they dont want to have that .

now we talk about india where marrige is still alive but feeling suffocation , reason behind that is indians are more career orientaed these days , they want to settle down in their lives and marriage is like a obstacle in their progress . Again leaglly allowed to couples to live in together without bond is a major reason for its obsolete . marriage is a big responsibility for both girl and boy. from the boys point of view , they need to earn money for wife then kids after marriage , his priorties get changed and it creats disturbance in carreer , for girls as well , they need to live according to society , listen to their in -laws then kids and its all changed their lives .

these days people are struggling for a high paid job,a big car , a nice bunglow , no responsibility . couples like to stay together without conditions so that they can leave each other if they are not getting on .

nobody thinks about the stability and consisitency which marriage gave them . marriage is essential part of life , nothing can be a big support then family . living in , fast and busy life , big dreams , sense of less responsibility and western impact have demolish the institution of marriage . marrage used to be a sacred relationship but now in the race of new world it has become mere a piece of paper .


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