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Mahendra Singh Dhoni, retirement from Test Cricket – it is too early.

Recently the news of the retirement of M.S. Dhoni, Indian Cricket team captain was a debatable issue both off and on the field. Some welcomed this decision of Dhoni while others opposed this by arguing that it was not the right time for declaring the retirement. Dhoni, who not only captained Indian cricket team to the World Cup but also proved to be a mentor of many young players, announced his retirement on the third day of ODIs against Australia in Melbourne taking everyone by surprise. He served as a hope and support of the team during difficult situations. As every coin has two sides similarly this issue has two views to be looked upon and discussed.

Some Members of the cricket council like Mohinder Amarnath welcomed his decision as they thought that the announcement came at the right time since in last matches the performance of Indian team was not up to the mark. They believed that his captainancy had lost his flair and that Dhoni's news of retirement came at the right time so that his responsibility could be taken by a deserving player. Also some felt that new players had to be given opportunity to show their talent. Virat Kohli, who served as the captain of the Indian team on the last ODI against Australia is the front runner and most probable player who can fit in the place of Dhoni. Kohli can be said to have experience regarding captaining Indian team and is not a fresher on this job as he has led the Indian to victory in the home series against Sri Lanka in absence of Dhoni. Kohli had also led the team in the initial matches of Australian Tour when Dhoni was injured. Even though matches were lost, critics praised the way he led the team.

Some cricketers are of the view that Dhoni's announcement of his retirement halfway in the middle of the ODI's was not a good decision and that too when the team's performance is already under scanner ahead of the forthcoming World Cup 2015 Series. He was still the best wicketkeeper and Batsman. He could have continued as a player. Though there is fresh and young Talent in the team but there is no sufficient time to take risks as the new captain will take some time to groom.

Many cricketers wondered that in spite of being the best wicketkeeper cum batsman why he choosed to retire although he could have opted out of captainancy and continued as a player. Some predicted that Dhoni was not willing to play under a junior to him. Sunil Gavaskar said that he also had an experience of performing under Kapil Dev who was his junior without any issue. But Dhoni's personality was quite different and he might not be willing to play under a junior and so he opted for retirement from ODI. Sachin Tendulkar had to also give up captainancy and decided to score the runs. Dhoni should have remained in the team to play his part.

In the end we may conclude by saying that Dhoni was a pillar of strength not only for the team but also for the Indian fans. He was a symbol of hope as he maintained the interest in the match and in many such situations didn't let the fans down. And in between all this the major responsibility comes on the shoulders of Viraat Kohli who has not so prepared team under him. We can't neglect the fact that M.S .Dhoni's fate in the team in future depends on his performance of the team in 2015 World Cup.

Rattandeep Kaur

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