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India attained independence from colonial British in 1947 and recently we had celebrated 67 years of our independence. The forefathers of our country strived a lot to get rid of British Imperialism and our path of struggle was glorified by the history and it inspired so many third world countries. There are myriad of paths advocated by the eminent personalities but in that the most prominent cult and significant among was path of revolution through blood proposed by Netaji Subash Chandra Bose.

Netaji established "Azad Hind Fouz" in 1942 that inspired the armed forces to confront against Britishers. Once he gave a famous slogan which inspired the masses

"Give me blood, I will give you independence within 24 hours".

He was famous for his brave, patriotism and courage towards motherland. He was the first person who titled Gandhi as "Mahatma". Every year we use to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of the great leader. But the mystery of death agony still persisting this country. There are innumerable stories lingering among masses about the death of Netaji, but the common people of this country still believe that he was not perished in accident but alive somewhere .

Before pre-Independence India the British government constituted an intelligence officer working under Indian political Intelligence to ascertain the mystery behind death of Netaji .The report was named as "Figgess Report " which was submitted in 1946.The Britishers were suspicious about Netaji movements and they thought him as opponent of their rule in India, so the report was suppressed . But after the Post-Independence India the government of India constituted "Shah Nawaz committee" in 1956 to report on this matter, but there were crucial remarks made by his relative on this committee claiming that it ignored the vital evidence provided by some countries in this regard .But the committee surprisingly didn't recognized the evidence provided to it and vehemently submitted the report to the government citing Netaji was perished in plane crash.

The government of India next constituted "Khosla committee" in 1970 to ascertain the mystery. The committee travelled exhaustively to Russia, Japan, China etc to collect the concrete evidence about Netaji death ,but it also miserable failed to come concretely on this .In addendum to that the Government appointed former Chief Justice of India Mukerjee commission in 1999 to clear the air confining to this matter. But the periphery of the report was revealed to the outside world that the committee observed two significant notions in this regard. However the committee quashed the earlier observation of perishing in plane crash and placed a supporting theory contradictory to that. The committee after thoroughly scrutinised all the vital documents and evidence affront on this gave categorically that Netaji might have siphoned to another plane before taking off to either Russia or China etc, but none of the evidence was found .

The various Governments appointed so many committees in this regard but none of the above cited committees were not concrete and categorical. The Government corroborated various information confining to this matter through internally and externally but it was placed in archives as official secrets. The requisite commissions wasted the public exchequer money to ascertain the death mystery of Netaji but none was succeeded. There are rumours in the public domain that the Netaji had seek help from Germany and Japan to overthrow the Britishers from this country and planned secret visit through Afghanisthan. The colonial Britishers trusted that Netaji will challenge their rule in India through revolution. But there assumptions failed drastically because he was perished in plane crash.

The ongoing presumptions about Netaji Subash Chandra Bose death hope may come to halt. The Government should decisively reveal the last days of Netaji and his whereabouts, so that the people of this country will be consoled through that.

B.Dwarakanadha Reddy.

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