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Opinion poll, exit poll are they necessary, if so why?.

According to the literacy rates, 74.04% of the total population is literate all over the India. Educated people can very well make out which political party is working hard to prove they are capable to be in power and who is just making fake promises of being good.

In such a case there is no need of opinion polls because the outcome election result depends on many factors not merely on opinion polls.

Opinion polls are opinion collected from the group of people before the main elections are to be held. Sometimes opinion poll gives different opinion which misleads people.

Media plays a crucial role in this, media houses conducts the opinion poll by framing the question in not proper manner and the methodology used to collect the opinion may also not be correct.

It is because of these reasons many political parties have given a written letter to election commission seeking a ban on opinion polls.

The Congress, in its letter said opinion polls during election are neither scientific nor is there any transparent process for such polls.

The BSP said the pollsters contacted "limited and selective voters."

The AIADMK pointed out that several countries had similar limitations on the publication of opinion poll results.

It needs to be noted that as many as 16 of the 27 European Union countries have ban reporting of opinion polls.

If suppose random group of people sitting in opinion poll for their opinions, if few amongst them are bribed by some or other political party, it's obvious that they are going to speak in favor of their respective party. As a result the people who are unable to make decision may get influenced by the others sitting over there and may change their voting preference at the last minutes.

If the opinion polls are not banned then the election commission should ensure free and fair opinion polls. The political party wants transparency and a proper set of guidelines and procedure all the data collected by media conducting opinion poll and this should be checked some authority to ensure fairness of such results.

In case of Exit Polls they are conducted after the election is over by taking the views of the people coming out from polling booths. Their statement is extrapolated to predict the result about who is going to power. In number of previously conduced elections such exit polls has also proved to be wrong.

Therefore opinion polls and exit polls should be banned in upcoming years as it does not affect much in elections process of India.

Harshraj Roman

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