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Organ Donation, are we doing enough to spread enough awareness?

Human body constitutes many organs having biological definition as a fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function, in simple it means for daily work out, each organ has grandness .If any malfunctions occur to any organ, it will directly affect to the individual. In the real life, there are many tough luck persons not only in India but in the whole world as some are blind or deaf or dumb and many more. Now, science has accomplished to such acme that we were not able to think a few decades ago.

We can transplant any organ from one body to another, by this way we can bring back the god-gifted life to such misfortune persons. This process is also called as Organ Donation. We can donate it through which we can save life of others. In foreign countries, these highly developed techniques have reached and people are also aware of it and the huge numbers are participating in it. But in India, in spite of somewhat less technique, the people are also not aware as such.

In urban areas, the people know about organ donation as they see some advertisement on road or watch in TV regarding some Bollywood actors for eg: Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and many other have announced to donate eyes after death which help to enlighten the life of the blind. In India, we have the habit to follow celebrity .So, with this, most people are aware of it but the government is lacking in this field. However, in rural areas, a few people have knowledge of it.

In India, mostly in rural areas, the family don't prefer for dissection of the cadaver; there are a lot of reason as they fear of renascence if they harm its body; anyway they don't know its importance that they had lost a member; with their help they can embellish a member to any other poor family.

There is a new concept as Brain Dead. There are some unconscious person whose brain don't work by some misfortune may happen with them but still such persons are alive .So with the permission of their family, they can help to other family by donating Kidney, liver, eyes, etc.

In India, the organ donation is expensive as the poor people cannot afford to it. Simultaneously, we do not have such specialized doctor who will do the work in a perfect manner. For small operations, the doctor make mistake, how can we trust on them for such life related operation?

There are some NGOs in the health sector like SHATAYU in India which spread awareness regarding Organ Donation. Many cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore which have the expensive equipment. For the liver transplant, it occurs in big cities and the patient have to move to such places. It is also possible to transplant organs from other species.

There is an article in The Times of India which tells about Rajasthan is one of the states which are lagging in organ donation but in Jaipur, with the contribution of the doctors and NGOs, they have started to aware the people. The Government of India should also participate or at least help to such NGOs financially who spread in the health sector. One of the important steps the government should do regarding education as in each and every class from primary to secondary school, at least one chapter should be added regarding health care in daily life as we have for environment.

No doubt, the healthy people of any country are the assets of that country .So we have to encourage such type of person to move forward to show their talents. And also rural penetration knowledge is very essential as in India, nearly 70% of the Indians live in rural areas, so we cannot neglect such a huge quantity. Hence, our contribution makes us to feel proud.

Nishant Kumar

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