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Priyanka Gandhi and her entry into politics

Priyanka Gandhi is the new eye-catcher of Indian politics. This new entrant of Indian politics didn't need to prove about her lineage. History of Indian politics can be assimilated to a family's dominance namely, the Gandhi dynasty under the old war horse of Indian politics, namely the Indian National Congress(INC). Mrs Priyanka Gandhi needs no introduction in the Indian political scene. She has been an inheritor of a glorious family of Indian politics.

At the same time, how she shapes her political journey is a million-dollar question to be answered. Whether, Mrs Priyanka Gandhi can overcome theAmit Shah-Modiji led combine saffron brigade in Lok Sabha elections, 2019 is an anxious proposition for the Indian National Congress. It also needs to be pondered at this juncture, whether the Congress party swims and reaches the destination of the INC in 2019, Lok Sabha elections which is victory for the grand old Party of the country. On the contrary, if the Rahulji- Priyankaji led combine loses the elections, whether it will be the loss for the INC or it will be a loss for the brother-sister combine leading to the sinking of the INC's electoral fortunes. The only reason for this is the personality cult of Nehru- Gandhi dynasty in Indian politics in particular andin the Indian National Congress in general.

What does the entry of Priyanka Gandhi into Indian politics means for the country? The Congress party is at cross-roads. This is because the party's leadership baton has been shifted from what the BJP led opposition calls an Italian President of the Indian National Congress under Sonia Gandhiji, due to her Italian origin to that of made in India son-daughter's leadership under Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. This is a fact of Indian politics and of a country which is an example of assimilation of worldwide values and ideas irrespective of whateverdescent and origin of the originator of those values.

Democracy is not only a form of government for India but also, what has been seen is that, in our country it has become a game of numbers. Here numbers primarily means the half way mark of the Lok Sabha. In this context, it is a well-known secret of the Indian National Congress and its followers, which is, this new wonder women of Indian politics will certainly try to rope in some new areas of India and thereby certainly try to show her influence in Indian politics. Whether in this regard, Mrs Priyanka Gandhi will be successful will only be proved after the Lok Sabha elections, 2019. Time will be a witness to it.

It is rightly said in the political circles that the party which wins in Uttar Pradesh, a state with 80 Lok Sabha seats, forms mostly the government in the centre. There is no doubt among the voters that Mrs Priyanka Gandhi would try her political fortunes from the same politically significant state of the country. This also leads to the conclusion that, if Congress wins in most of the Uttar Pradesh then it may have repercussions in the other parts of the country in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections or in the near future. All in all, it proves that political equations now are at a crux. It is a dilemma both for the Indian National Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party as well as for the voters as to who will have the last laugh in the Lok Sabha elections, 2019.

At the same time, whoever wins in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and rules the country in the near future but the ultimate key to government formation is with the voters of our country. As voters of this country, we the voters have the bounden duty not to cast our valuable votes by being swayed by emotions rather we need to opt to vote by analysing all the aspects of electoral scenario and keeping all of them into view. The voters of our country have a pivotal role, which is, to embolden democracy in this country. In this endeavour, we the voters need to consider both what is promised and how much of those promises being fulfilled during the rule of both the major political parties of our country namely, the Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party. The voters need to find out, whether there is a coherence in promises and performances among our political parties and if so vote accordingly.