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Reality Shows

2) Are reality shows like Rakhi ka Insaaf, Big Boss, Splitsvilla, Emotional Atyachaar, Roadies etc having a positive effect on youngsters? Do you think they disturb the moral fabric of the nation?

Over the last few months the issues of morals and morality have re-entered the Indian mind-space consequent upon the sudden decision on the part of the government to relegate reality television shows or at least some of them from prime timeslots to late night viewing. The stated reasons for such a move are related to the issues of obscenity and inappropriateness for family viewing, the implication being that in such shows, moral codes are being in some way, breached.

The issue of morals and values and globalization of the reality shows from western culture into our social fabric corrupting our 5000 year old culture. Highly sensitized and overtly manipulated in the scripted reality shows are responsible for spoiling the smooth fabric of our society, thus encouraging money mindedness, voyeurism and sadistic pleasure. Shows like Emotional atyachar, roadies, raaki ka insaaf, khatron ki khiladi are very much responsible for some kind of mishappenings.

Dr. P. D. Kaushik, associate director of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, said that "such shows only promote a disregard for values and result in the collapse of the moral fabric of the society, channels do not mind exploiting the youth in order to gain T.R.P's".

Last year one of the justice seekers is dead lived in Prem nagar,Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh, who participated in show as he was stopped eating and drinking and died. So far they have not filed a case against the show 'Raaki ka Insaaf', as the title seems problem solver. But it is the most disgusting show on Indian TV.

Similarly the splitsvilla, a show conducted in MTV spoils the nature of the Indian girls whom they fighting for the attraction of guys. Also on watching the reality shows like roadies attract the youths by conducting the races among themselves in cities which also results in some horrible accidents.

And emotional atyachar is a reality show which playing game is life of many people in conducting the loyalty tests which helps in eroding the relationships that are built on trust. Moreover some popular types of reality shows are game shows, talent hunts, dating shows, supernatural and paranormal shows etc.,. These shows despite all criticism have become an essential part of people's daily lives. But what we fail to realize is that we are harming our naïve ones big time. Children with their impressionable minds and over sensitive nature susceptible to the slightest of forces, become hopeless victims of these shows. In 2008 a 16 year old girl shinjony sunk into depression and eventually was paralysed after being severely rebuked by the judges in a Bengali dance reality show.

All said making hay while the sun shines though with precaution and responsibilities is the need of the tough hour. Television production houses need to realize that, they, being the biggest form of media have huge social responsibilities to fulfill towards children, households and society, for they cant escape scot free from the sharp glare of the society and law.